Top 5 Places For Relocation

Posted on Jan 19 2015 - 9:06am by Editorial Staff


Sometimes opportunities find us wherever we are! Other times, we have to seek opportunities in order to make our dreams come true. Some people just love the idea of being in a brand new country where they can start afresh and make new connections. For others, it is more of an opportunity move to a new country and get some international work experience under their belts.

If you are considering relocating, here are our top five destinations:

Palo Alto, California, USA – A new-age entrepreneur’s dream, Palo Alto is definitely the land of opportunities for anyone who wants to make it big in the start-up world. The right talent, the right ideas, the right people for networking, the right investors; they are all here. The fresh, clean air, miles of open space and myriad lifestyle and entertainment options are like icing on a cake.

Manhattan, NYC, USA – You either love New York or you hate it. For people who love the fast track and the adrenaline rush, there is no place like Manhattan. Whether it is the land of money magic in Downtown, or the la-di-la crowd on Park Avenue or the endless rows of restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen – it can’t get any better than Manhattan.

London, United Kingdom – If you are a big fan of the balmy weather, then you might want to skip London. But if you are all about culture, career and natural beauty, then you will definitely fall in love with London. London is definitely a great place to move with the family to upgrade your lifestyle.

Dubai, UAE – Dubai has been known to welcome expats from all over with open arms. The standard of living here is considered amongst the best in the world and is an amazing melting pot of various cultures. Fitting in here is not an issue and finding fellow expats with families won’t be any trouble at all.

Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne is known the world over for its gorgeous beaches, laidback yet fast-paced life and super friendly localsAustralia is an amazing country to move to and a place like Melbourne offers the perfect blend of urban jungle and natural beauty.

Moving to a new country definitely comes with its own set of challenges. It is best to read up about what to expect and do your preparations in advance. Things like legal paperwork, auto and home insurance should all be catered to on an urgent basis.

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