Top 5 Reasons To Buy Used Auto Parts For Your Old Car

Posted on Jan 22 2018 - 6:11pm by Editorial Staff

Restoring a ‘60-‘70-‘80 classic? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your ‘90s-‘00s baby from “the good ol’ days.” Or maybe you just want to save money. Whatever the case, the fact is that automobile parts are the most recycled product ever. Tires, metals, anti-freeze, gas, rims, upholstery, wiring, copper, you name it. You have got to know what you need, though – before buying. Or else you will be ripped off, receive the wrong parts, or worse – the parts don’t fit your car.


You’ve undoubtedly had “buy new” crammed down your throat. This stunningly-vicious tactic is usually used to get you to spend more money. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why: just because a part is new, doesn’t mean it’ll last. Used parts that have been refurbished usually endured several years (if not a decade or more) before being sent to restoration shops. With the barrage of upgrades and installations these “old” parts get, their lifespan is increased even longer. It’s a fact that newer cars depreciate faster than cars manufactured during the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Learning Tools

You don’t want a quivering-scared child with no life skills who’s marked for death, do you? Buying refurbished parts and restoring your vehicle – with them right by your side – shows them, first-hand, how to take care of their own car.  (When the day comes for them to have one. Which is great news if they ever grow to earn a Camaro – you can get them started with Camaro accessories.) Here’s the thing, though: unless they generally follow you around anyway, or share any interests of either of their parents, getting them interested in being a mechanic of any sorts… will be a challenge. But that’s just the risk of being a parent, isn’t it? When you manage to hook them into your world, though, you’ve given them an untapped resource for being handier than any of their friends later in life.


Believe it or not, used auto parts are professional refurbished (in most cases). Why? For resale. This means you get parts that are tuned up and treated. These refurbished parts, no matter what you’re looking for, are (more often than not) just as effective as their brand-spankin’ new counterparts. Here’s the drawback: refurbished auto parts, more often than not, come with a more expensive price tag. (Shocking, isn’t it?) It takes a lot of effort to refurbish parts. Here’s the sweet kicker: even if they’re hundreds of dollars pricier, they’re still thousands of dollars less expensive than buying new parts – giving your old car the blood and guts of its glory days. You’re paying for quality craftsmanship restoration when you buy refurbished.

Huge Selection

New vehicles dominate our everyday life. Did you know General Motors owns Buick, GMC, Chevy, Pontiac, Saturn, Cadillac, and 5 other manufacturers? This means there’s a massive collection of parts being discontinued every year. Grab them! Because they’re “being replaced,” their prices are usually slashed from the original price point. This is the stuff auto-part inventories are made of: they let you find those old parts that are hard (read: near-impossible) to find on your own. Never be afraid to ask questions about old parts.


There’s enough mumbo-jumbo out there about how buying used auto parts saves the planet. In easy-to-understand terms: less steel needs to be mined. Mining and manufacturing harms the environment around us – which is pretty important, since we live here. A “bulletproof” system for protecting our planet is to preserve our natural eco-systems, which “recycling” parts for your baby does. People who buy new parts to restore their precious darlings are on the wrong track towards being a savvy—and respected—contribution to life. (That’s just a fact)


Now that you know reasons why buying refurbished ends up paying off in spades, don’t hesitate. There’s no shame in being resourceful. More often than not, those “old parts” you bought will feel and look brand new. Nobody but you have to know.

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