Top 5 Gifts To Woo Your Girlfriend This Christmas

Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 2:28pm by Anshu

Christmas Gifts

Most men draw a blank when it’s time to shop for their girlfriend. Did you miss all her blatant or subtle hints that she was passing for her ideal gift for this Christmas?  Were you paying more attention to her curves than her words? Do not worry. We would recommend 5 gift ideas any girl would love to have this Christmas. You would just have to decide which one of these you would love to gift her.

Jewelry – Women’s best friend

Diamonds have always been girl’s best friends and would continue to be so forever. Consider splashing out a diamond ring or necklace for your lady love this Christmas. You would always be a charmer with this and will get a perfect 10. If you cannot afford it right now or your relationship has not reached that point, consider opting for low cost trendy jewelry that is in fashion. Pick something she would love to style. If she likes to wear bold, pick statement jewelry. If you lady is fierce, gift her animal print jewelry. For someone on the subtle side, elegant silver or gold plated fashion jewelry would be best.

Shoes – You can never have too many pairs

Most women feel that they can never have too many pairs of shoes. Next to clothes, you would see a women’s closet has almost all kind, colors, and styles of shoes: stilettos, ballet, formals, canvas, mule, slingback, wedges, pumps, boots and so on. One of the best options is to give her a gift card of her favorite shoe store. Even better if you remember when she pulled you to a shoe section in a mall and tried a few pairs and shortlisted one she really loved. Get her the pair, in her size, of course.

Fashion Accessories – They complete an outfit

Women love fashion accessories. They are simply fond of them. You could choose from a wide range of products like hats, scarves, purses and belts. It is important that you know her taste well. Visit several malls or shop fashion jewelry online and figure out what she would love to wear. Select something that matches her style. However, remember that buying something like a purse could be a very costly affair if your girlfriend is all for brands. Make sure if you are investing that kind of money, you are buying something that she would really love. Accessories are very much a personal choice.

A Diary – Preserve precious moments on paper

Women love to remember milestones in their life. First day at high school, 16th birthday, prom night, love letter from old boyfriends, first date, first kiss, romantic pictures, girls night out, just about anything related to emotions. Your girlfriend would appreciate a nice dairy to keep record of all her precious moments. Consider gifting her a nice journal to keep all her precious moments enclosed in a dairy.

Clothes – Fashion conscious girlfriend

Being fashionable is the domain that every woman wants to rule. Clothes give that authority to a large extent. Buy her that dress that she always wanted. She would love you for that. Any occasion can be made special by gifting her most trendy outfit. Pick a nice color and make sure it’s her size. Even better if you would like to go a little romantic, buy her lingerie. Do not go over board and buy something without keeping her comfort level in mind.

We bet most women would love to have any of the gifts suggested. However, if your girlfriend and you have a fierce spark, regardless of what you buy for her, she would love it. With a little bit of effort and keeping in mind her personality and fashion sense, you could buy her something she would cherish and always have a fond remembrance.

Christmas is all about the festive cheer. Cherish the small moments of life and gift your loved ones something they would treasure.

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