Top 5 Gadgets To Gift On Valentine’s Day 2014

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 10:28am by Prakash Thakur


We have already crossed January of 2014, and now the time has began when we need to switch our gears from the chilly winter holidays to the Valentine’s Day. We can see various stores stocking themselves and filling up their shelves with pink as well as red gift items that you can give to your partner on 14th of February. But it is not compulsory that you need to give the same old traditional gifts like teddies and chocolate to your partner, instead you can also surprise them with gadget goodies that are very popular in the present market. Here we bring to you top 5 gadgets that you can give to the person you love on this Valentine’s Day.

Neff Knit Headphones

Taking the cue from the skateboarding, surfing as well as snowboarding world, these Neff knit over the ear headphones have a very unconventional design as well as style and all the credit of the design goes to the outer coating of knit that the headphones posses. The headphones are really good and also they are meant so as to dampen the effect that makes useful as well as unattractive electronic items have a very attractive outfit. The design is a bit retro as well as cute, as the headphones are basically for fashionable girls and who are fond of music.

Casa Bugatti Vera Electronic Kettle

It is a very modern kitchen ware that is very useful for both men as well as women. It is a sharp looking kettle having electrical controls that includes a clock, a temperature readout present on the handle etc. the kettle is able to warm the water itself 25% faster while consuming less power and is a perfect gift for tea lovers.

Swarovski “Active Crystals”

The device is actually is very beautiful and is one part data carrier and other part jewelry which are blinged out by Swarovski pendants. The USB device is a 1 GB USB 2.0 pen drive that can hold up to 1000 photos or 250 music files. These pen drives are very useful for those whose lady partner are into some kind of service or business as they are both decidedly as well as discreetly feminine.

Philips Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame by Philips is a device that is capable of showing slide show of the photos stored in it along with showing thumbnails or static pics also, that depends upon the content which is stored on your SD card. The frame gives you a lot of options using which you can even rotate, crop and adjust the photos to fit them right in your frame.

iPod Touch

Containing so much of memory inside a wafer thin body along with a excellent touch and display of 3.5 inch, iPod touch is the best gift that you can give to you partner this Valentine, which is going to keep him or her entertained when you are not around. The device is capable of playing all kinds of videos as well as music and also is Wi-Fi enabled so that you can connect it easily to Apple servers.

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