Top 4 Mistakes After A Breakup

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 10:41am by K Thompson


After a breakup, your mind is practically in chaos. You are going through a lot of emotions and you can hardly think straight. It’s hard to accept that the person you love doesn’t want to be with you anymore. You may even feel rejected, insecure, and worthless. At this point, most people end up making a lot of mistakes that they usually regret in the near future.

Begging And Pleading Your Ex

The most common mistake after a breakup is to become a needy and clingy person who would do anything to be with their ex. Its one thing to want your ex back, it’s another to beg them to take you back. The only reason people resort to begging is because they think that their ex will take them back out of pity. But the truth is, if your ex decided to breakup with you, they will never get back with you because of pity. They might think about getting back together if they start to miss you or they feel attracted to you again. And neediness and clinginess are not attractive at all.

Contacting Them Constantly

Your mind will make you believe that if you keep in contact with your ex; they will not be able to forget you and will hopefully come back someday. But the truth is, you are just trying to hold on to any last piece of connection with your ex. You are not accepting the breakup and you are not letting yourself move on. Besides, every time you call your ex, you are becoming more and more creepy in their book.

Taking The Breakup Personally

Breakups are the result of a failed relationship. It simply means that you two are not compatible with each other. If you are thinking constantly that you are any less of a person just because your ex decided to leave you, then you are dead wrong. You should not let your partner or your relationship define your self-worth.

Concentrating On Only The Good

Your mind might play tricks on you and concentrate only on the good things about the relationship and your ex. Looking at your ex through rose-colored glasses is only going to make them miss more and regret the breakup. You will end up idolizing your ex and probably forget what they were truly like. In reality, your ex had many flaws just like every other human being. They were not perfect and they were certainly not perfect for you. So, instead of idolizing your ex, you should go out and try to find someone who is more compatible for you than your ex.

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