Top 3 Kent Water Purifiers That Ensure Good Health

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People are susceptible to water-borne diseases not only in rural areas but alsoin urban setups of India.  The poor quality of drinking water in most parts of India is one of the primary reasons why people succumb to preventable diseases. Drinking water supplied to our home carries harmful contaminants and dissolved salts that can weaken the immune system of the body.

The introduction ofReverse Osmosis water purification systems has helped households to treat the water supplied to households. Reverse Osmosis water purification systems use a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved and suspended impurities from the drinking water. Different brands have come up with a range of RO water purification systems, promising pure and healthy drinking water. Kent, one of the most trusted brands in the market,employs state-of-the-art technology to manufacture highly advanced water purifiers.

Kent’s Mineral RO technology: A revolution in the world of water purification

The patented Mineral RO technology by Kent is a groundbreaking achievement in the world of water purifiers. The advanced technology not only ensures complete purification of drinking water but also plays a vital role in keeping the natural minerals of the water intact. Kent RO water purifiers are also equipped with TDS control system that adjusts TDS level in water within the acceptable range. The drinking water dispensed from Kent RO is not only pure but also healthy to consume. So, if you are considering to buy Kent RO system, we bring you top 3 products from the brand. The productsare unique and give you the assurance of providing the pure and tasty water.

Kent Superb

Superb Mineral RO™ Water Purifier is a product by Kent that has got some good reviews from users for its efficiency in removing dissolved impurities. The purifier uses patented Mineral RO Technology that provides double purification of RO+UV+UF.Some notable features of the purifier are:

  • The purifier has a 9-liter storage tank with level indicator
  • Equipped with interactive touch-screen display
  • Complete computer-controlled operation
  • Offers real-time monitoring of purity, performance and service history
  • Double purification of RO + UV+UF
  • Modern wall-mounted design
  • Auto-on and auto-off feature for fully automated operations
  • Comes with inbuilt SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) to protect the appliance against unexpected voltage fluctuation
  • ABS construction provides resistance against corrosion
  • Comes with push-fit components for a leakage-proof performance
  • Suitable forwater from all sources-tap water, brackish water, and municipal supply.

Kent GrandPlus

Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO Water Purifier is yet another product by Kent that is widely preferred by buyers. Owing to its wall-mounted design, Kent Grand Plus Mineral RO Water Purifier is suitable for both domestic and office use. The purifier comes with RO membrane that has capillaries as small as 0.0001 microns. The purifier can efficiently remove dissolved impurities and salts from the drinking water. Other relevant features of the purifier are as under –

  • Offers double purification by RO+UV+ UF with TDS controller
  • Purifiers water from various sources like tap water, municipal water supply along with brackish water
  • Has a 8-liter storage tank with level indicator
  • Fully-automated and computer-controlled operation for smooth functioning.
  • Equipped with filter change alarm and UV fail alarm
  • ABS plastic makes the purifier corrosion resistant and push-fit fittings prevent leakage
  • In-built SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) that protects the purifier against fluctuating voltage

Kent Pearl

Kent Pearlis also backed by patented Mineral RO technology. The purifier offers double purification byRO+UF+UValong withthe TDS Control system. The purifier has an 8-litre storage tank that ensuresyour family gets pure water even when the power supply is inconsistent in your area. There are many other advanced features of KENT Pearl Mineral RO Water Purifier that make it a viable buy-

  • Designed for both wall mounted and table top installation
  • In-built auto-flushing system
  • Auto-on and Auto-off functions for a fully automatic operation
  • High Power UV Lamp for complete deactivation of harmful micro-organisms.
  • Computer-controlled filter change and UV-failure alarm to ensure smooth operation
  • Push-fit components that provide leak-proof and maintenance-free and durability
  • The ABS construction further makes it corrosion-resistant
  • Treats water from various sources like tap water, brackish water, Municipal Corporation water, etc. efficiently
  • Built-in SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) that protects the appliance against over-load, short circuit and high voltage.

With so many user-friendly features and other advanced technologies, the above mentioned water purifier from Kent are among the most sought-after products in the market.  Investing in either of the purifiers is a smart decision. Kent water purifiers incur less maintenance cost and high durability.

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