Top 25 New Apps for Travel

Posted on Apr 30 2014 - 7:09pm by Jenny Corteza


A traveller these days can get any information about anything at the place of visit by  downloading apps for travel by the best app design companies which are given below.

Whatsapp messenger: This free texting and video messaging app can be used from anywhere in the world if you have Wi-Fi or 3G.  Free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry

Skype: Yes, the computer app is now available for smartphones. If you have 3G o Wi-Fi, you can send instant messages or make video calls. Free for Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Vocre: If you speak into the mike, the app will return the relevant translated phrase in German, Italian, Chine, Spanish, French or Japanese. Though you need to use credits, it is better than asking directions in English and draw a blank.

Google Translate: You can either type a phrase or speak it into the mike and get it translated immediately into 58 global languages like Hindi or Yiddish. Free for Android and iOS.

Word Lens: If held up to a printed text, your iPhone will immediately show you the translation in Spanish. NBo other languages though. Free for iPhone.

LightTrack Pro: Updated flight times, gate numbers at terminals are only some details you can get from this app. It can even tell you what legroom is available in which flight! It is priced at $9.99 for Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Packing Pro: If you are intolerably forgetful, make amends by creating a list of everything to do with your travel from number of travelers to take along disposable razors.  $2.99 for iOS.

Lookout Mobile Security: This app protects your phone from attacks by malware and phishing. You can access it in the Cloud in it is lost and wipe out all data therein. Free for Android.

Yelp Call: Help will soon be on the way to you if you make use of this app. Local police, ambulances, fire services in 126 can be accessed. 99c for iPhone.

Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association: Emergency medical situations like burns, snake bites can all be tackled by following the instructions in this app. $3.99 for Android as well as iPhone/iPad.

Oanda Currency Converter: Bank rates of 190 currencies and conversions free of charge for Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Mint: Bank account, investments, credit card details all at one place. You money is safe. Free for iPhone/iPad and Android.

SitOrSquat: You can find out if 95,000 baths are open worldwide at any given time for you to use. Free for iPhone and Blackberry

Triplt: Manage all your travel details like hotel rooms, car rentals, flight information etc with this one app which is free for iOS, Blackberry and Android.

Kayak: You can book your flight and hotels with this ap. All details about hotel rooms can be extracted. Free for Windows, iPhone, Android and Blackberry

TripAdvisor: Anything on our travel like flight details, hotel rooms and amenities and restaurant bookings can be gotten out of this app which comes free for Palm, Android, iOS and iOS.

OpenTable: You cannot only reserve a table but also the menu in any restaurant of your choice around the world.  Free for Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows.

Yelp: When 50 million contributors put their opinion on restaurants, hotel rooms, tailors, you can get a help from this app for free for Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

Jagat To go: You can choose your restaurants by its name, cost, décor and service from around 30,000 of them with this app which comes at $9.99 for Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry.

Foursquare: Check actual facts versus advertised ones by restaurants and other interesting fact free with this app. Android, Palm, Blackberry and iOS are all beneficiaries.

Instagram: Shot photos with our camera and send them anywhere in the world with Instagram from your iPhone, Android and Lightfox.

Spotify: You can play 15 million songs even when offline when you use this app. Free for iphone, Android, Windows and palm.

Kindle: You do not have to buy Kindle anymore to read books. You can download free with Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Angry birds: Can’t stop playing Angry bird on the move. Download it and enjoy.

Ultimate City Guide: Shops, restaurants, lounges, hotels anything for a traveler can be accessed with this app. Free at

PetrolPrices Pro: You can find the nearest and cheapest petrol station near you when you are on the move. Costs 5.

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