Top 10 Jewelry Trends For 2014

Posted on Feb 14 2014 - 10:19am by Tressy Jones


New Year has arrived and with it has opened possibilities for you to add some charm and sparkle to your jewelry collection. If you want to make a style statement and get yourself noticed, you can follow the below given top 10 jewelry trends for 2014.

Words of endearment + monograms

If you have message jewelry with your name written on it and if you feel connected to jewelry monogram, then you must know all this is so much in fashion in 2014. You can see words of endearment and monograms being worn by jewelry lovers and fashionistas all over the world. You too can wear them, share your story with everyone, and feel all confident.

Pendant revival

Beautiful, bold pendants have made their presence felt this year. You can opt for one with artful carving, with a long pendulum design or one with vividly colored stone and be sure your neck will grab all attention.

Fringe style

Beautiful fringes have been noticed everywhere right from the beginning of 2014, and they are worn in various mediums including bright colored glass beads, heavy metals and suedes. You can spice up your everyday work wear look with beautiful fringes.

Skinny bangles

Skinny bangles have already become a hit in 2014 and a stack of skinnies looks just perfect. You can mix-match them and wear skinny bangles of different textures and colors together, to create a trendy look or you may keep them uniform just the way you like.

Friendship bracelets

Your childhood macramé friendship bracelets have now grown up. In 2014, you should express your love and the best way to do so undoubtedly are the friendship bracelets made out of suedes and leather. An infinity sign has taken place of the BFF symbols and the colorful plastic beads have been replaced by beautiful pearl and gemstone. Men can sport these bracelets as well. So gift your favorite guy a handsome bracelet to tell him how special he is for you.

The birds and the bees

Be it pendants, rings or earrings you can find these flying creatures on every type of jewelry and they indeed look very attractive. So, if you want to add some fun to your jewelry collection, make sure to get one of these.

Spring ethnics

The global beaded necklaces look so amazing that you will feel you are enjoying a vacation even when it’s chilling cold outside. You can wear these beaded jewelries in bright colors, made up using glass beads and genuine gems that will give you an exotic look. So, get yourself a beautiful beaded necklace and get set to rock the show.

Get pinned

Broaches – they too have gained immense importance in 2014. Designers have created pretty pins for the necklines, waists and shoulders and each of them looks so attractive. So, you can sport something your grandmother used to in yesteryears, but of course with the designers spelling their cast.

Coastal treasures

Now get set to sport some stunning coastal treasures. This look will transform you beautifully with abalone shells, genuine coral and beautiful pearls. You do not even need to wait for spring to arrive to wear these beauties, as they can make even the most structured outfit look so serene.

Beautiful cross

Crosses have always been worn and you must have at least one jewelry with a cross symbol in your collection. However, 2014 has something different to offer, with bold gemstones making a faith statement on your finger, hand or neck. Wear it as a fashion statement or as a way to reflect your faith. A beautiful new cross, will definitely add a lot more splendor to your jewelry collection.

These are the top 10 jewelry trends which you can choose for yourself in 2014. These trends will add beauty in your life. You can also take help of for providing you best wholesale fashion accessories and jewelry.

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