Top 10 Halloween iPhone Apps

Posted on Oct 28 2013 - 9:31am by Damian Wolf


Yep, it’s that scary time of year again and time to get into the spirit of spookiness with decorations, costumes, candy and a bit of pumpkin carving. Of course, being highly-evolved and tech savvy creatures that we are we fear no ghost, zombie, bloodsucker or beast of prey and welcome them into our homes and our portable devices. If you were looking for some great apps to prepare your iPhone for the upcoming festival of the dead, we have got just the thing for you – here are ten of the best Halloween iPhone apps.


A bit of jack-of-all-trades, the Halloween! app provides you with a Halloween countdown timer, costume ideas, cool Halloween facts, backgrounds and a number of creepy sounds like evil laugh and scream as well as creepy horror-themed ringtones like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue and the Psycho Theme.  This is a useful app to have this time of year.

A shoot the pumpkin game

Shoot the pumpkin allows you to choose from several different horror characters which are equipped with a bow and arrow and tasked with shooting the titular pumpkin, which rests atop another character’s head, William Tell style. The app is a fun little time-killer.

Doom Resurrection

A timeless classic and grandfather to all first person shooter games, DOOM is now available in a rail shooter style for the iPhone. Nothing says Halloween spirit like running through a hostile environment and dispatching ugly monsters with powerful weapons.

Scene It? Horror 2

This app allows you to challenge your friends in a game of horror movie trivia to see who the true horror fan among you is. There are pictures, videos, spooky background music and some tough questions, with a few less than good movies mixed in with the classics to keep you on your toes.

Zombie Smash

Zombie Smash pits you against a horde of different types of flesh-eaters, while providing you with a number of weapons to choose from. The goal is survival, enemies are plentiful and you can get pretty creative with how you deal with the undead threat.

Hell Puzzle

The Hell puzzle app features a number of interesting, Halloween-style puzzles that can be a very fun way to kill some time or keep the kids busy for a while. The interface is pretty well designed and intuitive, while the puzzles can vary in complexity from a few pieces all the way up to 300 pieces. There is also a timer and a secret Halloween feature that you will discover while playing.

Hallokitty (Scare Your Friends!)

A great little prank app, the Hallokitty app delivers on its promise to scare your friends speechless. The basic set up is innocent enough – a couple of cute cats that purr when you pet them – but once your friends start focusing on touching the screen and listening to the gentle sounds a scary picture pops up along with a loud noise, followed by a Happy Halloween screen. It’s a bit primitive, but highly effective prank.

Halloween Pumpkin Creator

With 13 types of pumpkin, 13 unique Halloween-themed backgrounds and a great number of noses, mouths and eyes, the Halloween Pumpkin Creator app allows you to get very creative and come up with a unique design. You can create over 30.000 different face layouts, so you won’t be getting tired of experimenting any time soon.

Monsters Inc. Run

Most of you are probably already familiar with the cartoon that inspired this app, which provides hours of fun. You can play six different scare duos as they traverse six worlds and a total of 96 stages to rescue their friend, a fearless little girl called Boo!


Amidst a sea of poorly thought out and disappointing face morphing programs, the iMut8r truly stands out. There are nine basic character layouts – zombie, vampire, werewolf, witch, freaken thing, demon, ghoul, creature from the deep and creeping flesh – all of which can be combined and carefully faded onto an existing image to create very cool if disturbing pictures that blend together seamlessly.

These are some of the best Halloween apps out there right now and you are sure to get hours of fun out of them. Be careful though, some of them are quite addictive.

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