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Posted on Aug 22 2013 - 3:53pm by Editorial Staff

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Mobile phones are handy and highly portable. Of lately, these sturdy devices have been a prime source of capturing pictures. The camera quality of Smartphones has risen to a higher level. With enhancements like sensors, speed, megapixel features, you can click the most amazing and vibrant picture by maintaining the highest quality. Cheap insurance quote for mobile phone available today is making more and more people show their interest in mobile phones. This keeps them free from all the worries regarding their expensive gadgets and allows them to use it tension free. Here are some efficient tips recommended for mobile camera photography that help you click amazing pictures from your personal device:

Composition 101 Still Applies

If you are an avid photographer, then you must be familiar with the concept of Composition 101. The same concept applies when you take pictures from your Smartphone. Imagine a set of vertical as well as horizontal lines intersecting the object you wish to click. Focus on the subject through thee lines and you will click an incredible shot. Most well-advanced devices automatically use these lines over the picture giving you a better view.

Do not rely on the Zoom Feature

As mobile phones are getting sleeker day by day, using high-quality zoom spec is getting tougher for the producers. A zoom means pixelated photo quality. The better way is to capture the picture and then crop the subject which you like to focus on. Make sure you edit the picture on the computer. Another great idea is to click picture from as close to the subject as possible.

Do not edit the pictures while shooting

Most smartphone feature editing too. Though you can edit the photos instantly after clicking, it is always recommendable to do this task a little later. Click as many images as you want of the subject and ensure that you get all the poses that you have looking for.

Find the appropriate lighting

Yes, it’s true! Light is the most important factor to get good images.  Usually devices feature flash light but that cannot be compared with the like of natural light. Avoid the use of flash as much as possible. Keep your subject at a place that received sufficient lighting. Get more and more light for your subject and you will have the best image.

Use the right Phone features

A large number of people are most not aware of the features that come in built. There are a lot of feature that boost the picture taking quality of the camera. Reach the manual guides and check the features supported by your smartphone.

Stop making judgement about the pictures on your phone

A large number of people judge the images and think of deleting the ones with minimum impact. The fact is that the images that don’t appeal on small and low resolution smartphones many look amazing on larger screen. So, one should check them on the desktop with higher resolution first before deleting them

Carry extra memory card

If you are really fond of click picture and art of photography, then you must have an extra memory car in your accessories, so that you may not run out of memory. Keep checking the memory of the phone to see the space available. Always keep a backup of your pictures and download the entire picture as you get time.

Do not click pictures in direct sunlight

As said that direct sunlight is not recommendable for good pictures. So, do not place your subject under direct sunlight, instead go for brighter areas for a better composition. Shadows can lead to poor image quality.

Stay close to fill in the frame

You camera doesn’t has the power to blur the images of the background. So it is better to make your subject stand as close as you want to fill the frame. Avoid taking pictures from a distance as it make the subject look like a tiny piece standing in the centre of a crowded background.

Take it wherever you go!

Lastly, you should take your Smartphone wherever you go! Always keep it fully charged and carry an extra battery for use, so that you don’t have to regret it later.

By simply following the simple tips mentioned above, you can easily enjoy you hobby of photography with your Smartphone cameras. You will definitely get best and most impressive collection of pictures.

Photo Credit: Flickr/marco monetti

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