Tips For Better Etiquette In Holiday Photo Cards

Posted on Jul 12 2020 - 9:16pm by Editorial Staff

Sending cards is one of the best parts of the holidays. However, funny holiday photo cards are not always the best ones to send.

Sometimes, someone may misconstrue your humor as offensive which may damage a relationship. That is why you need to learn how to infuse etiquette into your greeting cards.

If you observe the proper etiquette when sending holiday photo cards, they will automatically be perceived as witty and charming.

The following tips should ensure your holiday photo cards are full of good-mannered cheer.

Use Your Handwriting

When sending a message via a holiday photo card, you should make it as personal as possible. Nothing says personal like a handwritten holiday card.

A handwritten name says that you took the time to gather writing materials and spent the time to wish someone well. One does not so easily forget such a favor.

If you can add some calligraphy to the card, even better. There is nothing as cool as receiving a card that looks like a piece of art even before you open it.

Send Your Card to the Home Address

If you are sending someone a holiday photo card, then you probably have a personal relationship with that person. Therefore, you should send the card to their home address.

If you know someone personally, you should never send them a holiday photo card to their place of business. You can only do so if they are business associates that you rarely meet.

It is especially so if you send a holiday photo card with a picture of your family. The receiver should open the card in a place that is also reminiscent of the family.

The same applies when you are sending cards to your employees. Sending them a card to their home says that you not only value them as an employee but also as a person.

Include Your Return Address

A big mistake people often make is leaving out their return address in the holiday photo card. Doing so means that you do not receive a thank you note or a return holiday card from the recipients.

Your address may change so including the return address in the card keeps the receiver aware of any changes to the location of your residence. It also lets the recipient know who it is if there is any confusion.

If you present good news via your holiday photo card, then having a return address means you will receive a gift if the reader happens to send one.

Mail Your Cards Early

Receiving a holiday photo card long after the holidays is simply a nuisance. The spirit of the holidays is long gone and people have moved on to other things. Therefore, you should be organized and plan to send the cards in advance of the holidays. It will show the receiver that you care enough to send the card on time. It also helps you avoid the rush at the post office during the holidays.

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