Time To Say Goodbye To Animated Themes In Firefox 18

Posted on Dec 12 2012 - 11:20am by Editorial Staff

Mozilla Firefox

Time to say Goodbye but not to the world, but to the Mozilla Firefox animated themes starting with Firefox 18, the company revealed Tuesday citing “performance issue” as the reason for such a move. According to the company, the header image required 3000 by 200 pixels and footer images have to be 3000 by 100 pixels ensuring themes accommodating on various screen resolutions and header heights which results in slowing down the speed of Firefox.

The problem was actually addressed by company as Bug 650968 and the solution grounded was to crop the images to your screen size the time when you start Firefox. It happens like this when browser starts, smaller images are loaded and the load times improved but animated images are not taken into account resulting in as side-effect of the cropping. This result into animated themes will no longer animate starting in Firefox 18.

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