Three Ways To Use A Betting App To Make A Profit

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The prospect of using a betting app may seem daunting to the uninitiated, and even the more experienced gambler, given the amount of depth there is to them. But really you can make them as simple or complex as you want them to be.

If you are looking to build small profits into long-term gains, then using a betting app is a great way to achieve this aim as there are different options which allow you to maximize your chances of making money.

Here are three ways to use a betting app to help you build up your winnings:


Say you’re looking through the runners for the Kentucky Derby and you’re confident there are a handful of horses in the field who can’t win. You’ve narrowed the field down to four likely winners, but you don’t know which one to back. This is where ‘Dutching’ comes in. Dutching gives you the flexibility to make more than one selection and still guarantee an equal profit will be returned, irrespective of which horse wins. You can decide either how much you want to stake, or how much profit you want to make, and then a ‘Dutching calculator’ can work out the amounts for you, so the software does all the hard work.


This is when you can both back and lay a selection, and still come out with a profit, regardless of the outcome of the event. It works best in horse racing, but can also be used in other sports, such as soccer, on a particular game like New York Red Bulls vs. San Jose Earthquakes. The key to getting Greening Up to work in your favor is knowing which way a market is going to go, as you need the selection to shorten in price. Then you can use an auto-greening function to place the bet, and this can be done using relatively small stakes as well.


This is the big way you can turn initially small profits into long-term gains. With scalping, you’re aiming to get in and out of a betting market quickly as you take advantage of a difference in price. You’re not looking for big profits from one bet and the best time to do it is in the 10 minutes leading up to a horse race starting. The market on the favorite or second favorite will usually provide the most opportunities for scalping, so that would involve horses like Shared Belief or 2014 Horse of the Year California Chrome, for example. It’s all about timing, but using a betting app can make the scalping process much more straightforward as you can set triggers to do it for you.

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