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Posted on Jul 15 2012 - 7:55am by Editorial Staff

Last week I am looking onto something an amazed idea that do need dazzled me, and after searching from top to bottom, from page one of Google to last, I came across Last-Bench. Sounds first like, if the company going to talk about Last Bencher, but in actual, it is more than that, Last-Bench’s mission is to make learning continuous, specific, universally available and most importantly fUN! But, still what behind the concept of Last-Bench; literally it signifies the last bench of the classroom, where one can expect:

  • Learning with a thinking of considering it as an opportunity for fun
  • Approaches – holistic in nature but comes with alternatives to traditional learning which can be explored
  • Ideas can both generate & lead to ‘Eureka’ moments
  • Self-reflection & self-evaluation are a great way to spend your time
  • You get a different perspective of what’s happening around you

Now what actually Last-Bench does?

There are lot of gap comes in between the current methods of learning which in actual do not meet the needs of experimentation and reflection. There are time often comes in which learners either don’t see or don’t have an opportunity to apply the learning in the real world. Last-Bench comes forward and works here and fills the gap between traditional formal education and applied learning.

To learn more about Last-Bench, click here.

Also, the team at Last-Bench organizing info-sessions, all you have to do is email them if you’d like to know more and the team will send you an invite.

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