Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts To Make His Heart Flutter

Posted on May 9 2019 - 8:20am by Editorial Staff

Aren’t anniversaries the toughest occasions to shop for? In the hustle to find the perfect gift that also has a certain degree of sentiments attached to it, people are often left confused. After all, anniversary is the perfect time to profess love and celebrate the time two of you have spent over the past few years. Going thoughtful is a no brainer when it comes to choosing anniversary gifts for him. The deal is to look for things that may serve as a gentle reminder of the time when the two of you couldn’t take your eyes off each other.

We understand that purchasing anniversary gifts for men is no walk in the park. Hence, we have curated a list of gifts to commemorate your bond and serve as a toast for all the good times ahead.

Wardrobe Update

Like most men, if your partner also banks on a handful of shirts to go through the week, it’s time to fill the wardrobe with subs that are great for a classy look at any time of the day. He might not want to do away with the first sweatshirt you gifted, but he won’t even mind this surprise wardrobe update. From shirts to kurtas to T-shirts, pick anything in trend to make everyone go gaga over his style. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have a wide range of cotton and linen shirts to choose from. The shirts are finished to perfection and leave a lasting impression.

Black Riverston Shirt from Nicobar

A Luxury Watch

Nothing better than an anniversary gift that reminds him of you every time he sees it. A watch that complements all his looks will be the perfect addition to his collection. Look for the one that features a sleek leather band and a gunmetal watch case with brushed detail – perfect mix of classy and edgy design.

The Latest PlayStation

Was it the game night at a mutual friend’s place that brought the two of you close? It’s time to reinvent that time with a few more game sessions. Gift him the latest PlayStation, and the joy on his face will surely be worth all the efforts. Not only will this gift bring the two of you closer but will also become your favourite weekend thing to bond over. Thanks to the variety of games available, your S.O. will cherish this gift forever.

Silk Pocket Square

Make your man stay stylish by gifting him pocket squares made using silk. Pick prints and patterns like chevron to give his party looks a dressy update. Pocket squares lend an air of off-beat sophistication while adding a pop of colour to his wardrobe. When he has few of them in various prints and patterns, seeing through occasions will become a breeze for him. So, when making a box of anniversary gifts for him, don’t forget dropping in a few pocket squares.

Chevy Silk Pocket Square

Grooming Kit for the Traveller in Him

If he likes being on the road most days of the month, grooming supplies are a must to keep him up. Prepare a bag that includes a face wash, wipes, deodorant, beard and mustache cream, and a shower gel. Whether he is on a month-long camping trip or a short business trip, this grooming kit will become his perfect travel companion.

Pack them with Love

No matter which option you choose from above, remember to pack it with perfection. Tuck in a small love note on the gift and whisper sweet nothings in his ear to make him fall in love with you all over again. Take charge of planning activities of the entire day and take him to places where you used to spend most of the time during the courtship period. The rush of memories will make the day even more special.

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