Thinking About Starting A Car Company? Make Sure You’re Protected!

Posted on Mar 21 2016 - 8:10pm by Editorial Staff


If you love cars, you might be thinking about starting your own car company. It’s a great idea and could be in an opportunity that’s filled with possibilities for profit. The first thing you’ll have to think about is what your car company is going to be. You might set up as a mechanic, repairing cars and vehicles. If you do this, it’s important that you get big business contracts. Working on company fleets is where the big money is for a mechanic. Or, you could set yourself up as a car trader. It’s quite easy to start as a trader. As soon as you sell your first car, you are already halfway there. The government will decide whether you are a business by how many cars you sell on in a fixed period.

Once you have officially started selling cars as a business owner, you then need to think about covering yourself. As an official car seller, you can not claim no knowledge of vehicles. This means you can not get away with selling a car that doesn’t work or has serious issues to the buyer. If you do this, you could be sued and the customer will claim their money back. To protect yourself from issues like this and others, you need car traders insurance. Here are some of the best tips we can offer to find the right insurance provider for your new business.

Look Online

The first thing you should think about doing is checking out different kinds of coverage online. There are numerous insurance companies offering motor traders like your protection. If you have a look at their websites, you’ll find the motor traders information you need. Make sure you are looking at well-known companies. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the correct details.

Check Out Reviews

Typically, any business online will have a review section or a list of their current clients. If you check these out, you should be able to discover easily whether clients are happy with the insurance the business offers. Make sure you search off the site as well on official business review sites. It’s here that you’ll find the true perception of that company.

Customer Service

When you speak to the insurance company, you should pay particular attention to how they are handling you. At that point, you are a consumer that they want to make a customer. You need to consider whether they are making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Are these the people you want to call up if there is an issue within your business? If they are, they could be the right insurance provider for your business.


Finally, you need to think about what you can afford and what you’re willing to pay. Make sure that you know the price offered includes the different type of protection that you will need. You might find cheaper insurance dealers. But they may not offer the level of protection a business needs on the modern market.

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