Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands

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The Whitsunday Islands is a famous collection of scenic continental islands located off Queensland’s central coast in Australia. This archipelago is about 900 km. north of Brisbane. Whitsunday Island is the centre of the island group while Hamilton Island is the commercial capital. When you visit this island you will have an opportunity to tour many pictureque beaches, go on amazing boat tours, see fantastic coral reefs, and do scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports. You will also have a chance to see some of the traditional owners of the island. Here is a brief list of some of the most exciting things to do in the Whitsunday Islands.

Beach Tours

A visit to Whitsunday Islands will never be complete without a short beach tour of a few of the extraordinary beach landscapes on these islands. But if you are pushed for time, you should at least visit the Whitehaven Beach. On this island you will be overwhelmed by the site of the beautiful and immaculate white sand that gives a unique contrast to the deep blue sea. Don’t forget to come here with your camera and every other member of the family.

Boat Tours

Boat tours are about the most exciting activities you can indulge in when you visit these islands off the coast of Queensland. Boat tours are extremely well organised by seasoned tour companies who provide well managed sailing travel packages. Most full day tours begin at 7 am while half day tours start at 11 am and close before 4 pm. Staff and guides are usually very friendly, kind and knowledgeable. Whitehaven beach is one of the prime targets of many boat tours and after all the adrenaline pumping activities, you will be exhausted but deeply fulfilled.

Daydream Island Living Reef

This brief reef tour will enable you to have a special encounter with marine life as you look at the amazing schools of tropical fish, enjoy different fish feeding sessions and have a great time with a highly experienced and enlightened marine biologist. The Daydream resort offers you an opportunity to have top notch hospitality, with very helpful staff, great dining and excellent cleaning of rooms and other amenities. You will love the salt water lagoons, live corals, and other interesting aspects of sea life, including the feeding of stingrays.


If you choose to go snorkeling on the Chalkies Beach, you could have one of your best snorkeling experiences ever. It is very thrilling to be able to walk onto the shallow coral reef and experience tremendous beauty. You will see a huge assortment of fish and other unique marine creatures. During your tour, you will also have the privilege to go to the popular Whitehaven Beach, which many TripAdvisor users have ranked as the best on the planet.

Water Sports

Going on a water sports tour will afford you the opportunity to have great fun on the water, especially at the Hamilton Island. You can go on a jetboat ride, go fishing, or do more conservative snorkeling. While on a jetboat ride, you have an exhilerating feeling as the boat takes you on a wet and exciting trip through various islands. You will have time to walk on the white powdery sands as you make scheduled stops on the world’s most beautiful beach. Excellent cuisine also awaits you as you eat fresh fruit, salad and muffins.

Those are some of the most exciting things to do in Whitsunday Islands. Just take a little more time to prepare and schedule your trip for the best time when the weather will allow you to get the best value for your tour.

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