Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Promotional Gift

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 1:34am by Frank Newton


The nature of marketing strategy has changed with passage of time. Business large or small never leaves the opportunity to promote and in such a scenario the demand of promotional gifts has increased considerably. But the question is how to decide the ideal promotional merchandise? Ideally, gifts can be anything. But there is an advertising intention behind the gift that a company offers. So, if you choose something, which has no use, your purpose goes in vain. Promotional merchandise should be useful, must be of good quality and well designed. Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind while deciding promotional merchandise for your clients and customers.

#1 You may not like to spend too much on the promotional item. But that does not mean you will choose cheap quality products. For example, pens can be strong promotional merchandise. Do not pick the same monotonous style, go for trendy ones. Your clients and customers will like it and will always relate the company whenever they use the pen. But do not compromise with the quality because most of these gifted pens have rough surface, the ink clogs or the plastic body makes it difficult to use. Indirectly, these affect the reputation of your company.

#2 Usefulness or utility is yet another matter that you should remember while selecting promotional merchandises. Give people what they want. In a trade fair, there are a number of companies that offer stickers, handouts and other such marketing stuffs, which actually have no use. The moment they step out of the stall, these stuffs are thrown away. So, down goes your marketing strategy. But, if you give them a writing pad, pen or sticky pad, these will be used and your marketing motive will continue. Be very specific while selecting the gift because the more your clients or customers use it, the greater will be the scope of advertising.

#3 Design is next important thing about your promotional product. The merchandise should have all the required detail about the company. Either the name or the logo of the company must be present on the product. But that does not mean you should distort the look of the gift by forcefully imposing the detail. Be careful about the design. For example, if your promotional merchandise is a t-shirt then make it sure that it can be used. Print the logo or the name of the company on the sleeves or on the book pocket region. This will maintain the look and appeal of the t-shirt and at the same time promote your company.

Traditional marketing strategy has taken a back stage as more and more organizations choose promotional merchandise to gather attention. You can also opt for targeted promo products by making a study on the clients and giving out gifts to those who are regular customers or those who can be the prospective customers. However, the ultimate agenda is to send out the promotional gifts to the right section of people and thereby generate revenue for the company.

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