Thieve Robbed Internet Cafe, Forgot To Logout From His Facebook Account Got Caught

Posted on May 16 2012 - 6:41am by Editorial Staff

The love for Facebook is so much that not even the thieves stop themselves by using the social networking site while robbing an internet cafe. Two men accused of robbing an Internet cafe in Colombia. The two allegedly decided that it might be fun to rob the cafe. So they made as if to pay and then allegedly assaulted the owner. They then escaped by allegedly purloining a motorbike that was as much theirs as the Internet cafe’s cash.

What makes the point abuzz here is that when police arrived, they notices that one of the alleged thieves had been wafting around Facebook and had not logged off – this is what such point that make this arrest of one of the suspects possible. Thinking what craze does Zuckerberg’s created in all that even at the time of robbing the thieve wish to check his Facebook account.

(Image Source: Facebook like)

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