The Revolution Of Email (Infographic)

Posted on Jun 18 2012 - 8:27am by Editorial Staff

We are in the evolution century – no not evolution, but actually revolution century of Email. We send 2 billion emails a day from different means i.e. it would be phones, computers and tablets. Email is an important part, a way of redefining the act that how we are communicating as it is so quick, easy and cost-effective.

Even an interesting figure (numbers) come from Fast Co. Exist that Yahoo email users consume 11% more electricity each year as compared to that of Gmail, means Yahoo users consumes 939 kilowatt-hours, or about $110 worth of power, extra energy every month. Isn’t surprising, but it is very true. There are 100s other interesting facts either but over the top to know how all this email started. The fine folks at come up with an infographic explaining this.

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