The Power of Arvixe Web Hosting

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 10:58pm by Editorial Staff


Anyone who’s ever hosted a business website knows how hard it can be to find a reliable and inexpensive host, with so many options, navigating the minefield of potential scams and poor quality servers can be almost as hard as creating the site itself. A California company called Arvixe aims to change that, though, by offering new customers their first month of service for a penny.

What’s a penny buy these days?

Arvixe is a relative newcomer to the hosting industry but it’s no surprise that their growth has been phenomenal. Arvixe coupons proliferate the web with offers of 20-25% off so it’s no surprise that many people are taking them up on their generous offers. But what do these Arvixe coupons buy you?

According to their own press, Arvixe promises 99.9% uptime and of the impressive portfolio of 100,000 websites, their customer retention is quite high, almost 90%. Even better than some bigger, more well known services.

Upon seeing the features at Arvixe offers, its no surprise. Ease of use has been given high priority and their services have been built around the ubiquitous cPanel software package. Not a tech head but need your site up in a hurry? Arvixe has you covered there too, with their RVSiteBuilder even the most non-html savy site builder can have a professional site up in minutes.

The Savings Never Stop with Arvixe

With a new account and the penny Arvixe coupon you’ll be given your first month of service for a penny. If you like the service, there are a plethora of other Arvixe coupons out there that can be applied as necessary to save you money on a service that’s already fantastic right out of the box.

If you’ve never thought about building a website or you’ve been looking for a new host, consider Arvixe. With these features and the number of Arvixe coupons available, your dollar (or penny) will go father than it ever has with most other host service providers.

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