The Most British Things You Can Do When Visiting Britain

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 8:35pm by Johnny Patersen


Britain is a country rich in many things – culture, history, education, art, tradition, sports. It is one of the oldest countries ever and it is well worth visiting. There are tons of things that you can see – things you won’t find anywhere else in the world, like weird cultural events, unique architecture and places of historical interest. In London alone, there are tons of sights you can simply gaze at for hours, like the Tower of London, or the famous Big Ben. However, if you truly want to experience Britain, there are things you can do in order to blend in with the environment and really see how it feels like to be British. In the following text, you will be able to see some of them:

Drink a lot of beer in a pub

Finding a pub in Britain will be easy – they are everywhere, literally! However, keeping up with the drinking habits of the British is a totally different story. Then can really drink a lot. You should know that their beer really is top notch and that getting drunk from it can be a really jolly experience.

And, of course, what goes excellent with beer? Greasy stuff – fish and chips and similar snacks can be found on every corner and chances are that they serve them in the pub you find yourself in. When the beer kicks in, eat something greasy – to help your stomach digest all the beer you have been drinking up until that moment and then – drink some more. Of course, save some money for a cab ride and do not get confused if the people at the pub all start singing something at one point – they do that.

Go to a football match

Football in Britain and football in America are two totally different things. Nevertheless, whether you are a football fan or not, no matter if you like or even understand the game or not – you should definitely get your tickets for the game and experience the vibe at least once. The thing that makes this sport famous in England (apart from good teams and excellent athletes) is the crowd.

People in England support their clubs with all their hearts, regardless of whether they’re champions. The stadiums themselves are a sight to see and when the referee signalizes the beginning of the match, the magic starts. These people cheer their lungs out for 90 minutes and if you are there, at the center of it, you will undoubtedly feel the vibe!

Go to a concert

England is a country that has a great music scene. Some of the greatest bands ever are British (the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to name a few) and the modern scene is also top notch. You have names like the Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Lilly Allen and the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, the British “underground” scene is not to be underestimated. If you happen to be passing by a club where you see a poster of some band that you have never heard of before, you should probably check them out, especially if you see a crowd of people waiting for the gig to start. Chances are that the band is pretty good and that you will have a blast.

Go to a stand-up comedy act

When talking about comedy, England is the best. Monty Python, Black Adder, Mr. Bean – if you don’t find British humor funny, then there’s something wrong with you (I’m joking now). British stand-up comedians are very, very good and if you happen to see something like that happening during your stay, get yourself a ticket.

If laughter makes us live longer, you will live a whole lot longer after the night is over. However, your English has to be perfect and you have to know some of their customs – otherwise, you won’t understand the jokes.

I hope this list gave you some interesting ideas and that your stay in England will be more fun. There are, of course, tons of other interesting things to do. The net is filled with useful info, so you should continue with your research and focus on having the best visit imaginable. Just don’t go overboard – keep things safe at all times and try not to lose your focus, although it might be difficult.

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