The Mind-Blowing Scale Of Holiday Hiring

Posted on Aug 31 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

When does the holiday season starts for you? If you want to be exact, the holiday season is only a period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for most of us holidays start a lot earlier. We can hardly wait for the holidays, and we want to enjoy every minute of it. This is why everybody starts with their holiday shopping a lot earlier than Thanksgiving. You don’t want to wait to last minute to buy your present, don’t you? Is there anything worse than needing to come up with a new idea for a gift in the last days before Christmas because the gift that you originally planned has already sold out? Your father really doesn’t want another pair of socks, and if you don’t start early enough that is what he is going to get. When it comes to a Christmas shopping, it’s best to start early and start smart.

Did you know that your seasonal shopping will help businesses but also workers who are trying to find a job? Because of the increase in demand, a lot of companies that are impacted by holiday season will need to hire some extra help. These companies that need most of the new workers during the holiday season are the retail trade, transportation and logistics and wholesale trade. During the holiday the retailers make nearly the third of their annual sales and 40% of their overall profits. No wonder they need some extra help.

Finally, you can stop feeling guilty about your Christmas shopping. Now that you know how much good you do for the economy and for workers, you can add another gift to your shopping cart without any remorse. That can be your good deed for a holiday season. If you want to know more amazing statistics about holiday hires read this clever infographic.


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