The Mind-Blowing Scale Of Holiday Hiring

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 9:01am by Alexandra Ashton

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Do you like Christmas holiday season? Of course you love it, there are cakes, gifts and the whole family is together. Retailers also love holiday season. During the holiday season, the companies that are impacted by it experience a significant increase in demand. Because of this increase in demand these companies need to hire seasonal workers. Even though the “holiday season” is strictly period between Thanksgiving and Christmas some companies need to start with new hires as early as September. Number of holiday hires during the holiday season in 2013. was 868,000 which is around 50% of the new hires for the quarter. If you think that is amazing, over 684,700 of these 868,000 hires are in the department of retail trade. Rest of the hires are divided between the sector of transportation and logistics and sector of wholesale trade. These holiday hires are crucial for making sure companies maintain a high level of customer service during the whole year.

Did you know that average American spends around 730 dollars on Christmas holidays? To be fair this includes holiday gifts, food and decoration but still. This is a big difference compared to other holidays when you take into account that on average they spend 75 dollars on Halloween and 163 dollars on Mother’s Day. Total retail spending during holiday period is up to 602 billion dollars. When you compare it to a total retail spending throughout the year the statistic is amazing. While there is a chance that your Christmas shopping will lead you straight to bankruptcy, you can be happy because you are responsible for a significant increase in employment numbers and in the whole economy. Over 70% percent of US economic activity depends on domestic consumer spending. God help anyone who tries to complain about your Christmas shopping now when you have learned this amazing statistics about the Christmas shopping and its impact on seasonal employment.



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