The iPhone 6 MockUp Spectrum

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 9:46pm by CONTRIBUTOR

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Since the news broke that Apple would be releasing its next generation flagship iPhone device soon, an entire spectrum of mockups have surfaced that range from absolutely ridiculous to dazzlingly believable. And of course this isn’t all that difficult to achieve. With the help of easy to use mockup tools, just about anyone can attempt to draft their own versions of what the newest iPhone 6 would- -or should- -look like.

Not so sure who to believe? Well of course you can’t rely on anyone since the rumor mill has just begun to churn and will definitely reach its peak somewhere within a day or two of the release. What you can do is look through various designs and entertain your fancy. Here are some of the best mockup designs out there.

1. Antoine Brieux from NAK studio has designed an interesting concept. The designs main feature is that the home button will be shifted to the left of the set and hence will have to be used with the thumb. So now that the front has no Home button, there is ample room to have a 4.9 inch screen. The set measures 125x63mm and comes up with a 1080p resolution to run the Retina technology display. The volume buttons are also placed on the side over the Home button and has a bigger pair of speakers. This design has metal sides with a glass surface back.

2. Alexander Kormishin from a French website Nowhereelse also has an interesting take on the new iPhone 6. His version has a 4.8 inch screen and has no Home button at all. The main inspiration for this design happens to be inspired by the iPad mini and hence has an anodized aluminum backing. It also has and a lot of color options to give life and dazzle to the phone. But keeping the changes aside, this design brings there is a pretty strong similarity to the iPhone 5. However, rumors are saying that the design will be a complete difference from the previous set and though Kormishin thinks differently, his version is definitely worth looking into.

3. Martin Hajek’s ‘iPhone Plus/Math’ concept has definitely been making a splash. This design comes with a 4.8 inch display with no bezels and no home button. There is also an iPhone 6 design that comes with it and seems to be a little bit of a combination between iPod touch and HTC One. As compared to the iPhone 5 it is slimmer and shorter with a 4.6 inch screen with a Retina display. It has uni-body aluminum housing in anodized silver and black options.

4. Matteo Gianni has also come up with something worth investigating.  This designer can definitely be applauded for his extremely realistic photo images of what the new set will feel like. The features that his set design boasts of are numerous but the most interesting ones would have to be an augmented reality function, an LCD and electronic ink display, battery booster, and solar charging capabilities. This design comes with a smart bezel rather than none which allows movement of controls to edges.

So take a look yourself and see if you can come up with your own mockup, but be careful not to become a victim of iPhone spyware in the midst of it while downloading mockup tools. Happy iPhone 6 waiting!

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