The Importance Of Choosing Great Mobile Advertising

Posted on Apr 11 2015 - 12:40am by Editorial Staff


Traditionally, when you needed to get your business, website, or product noticed, you would rely on one-way advertising platforms—methods like direct mailing campaigns, billboards or print ads, banner or video ads on other websites, television and radio commercials, and ads optimized for sharing on social media. While certainly effective, one thing that all these diverse methods have in commonis that they were a one-sided conversation.They involveda business presenting a message or incentive to customers or clients, and hoping they followed up by giving that all-important visit, click, return, or purchase.

As technology develops and transforms our lives, advertising paradigms are changing too. With today’s widespread use of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development companies can let you integrate amazing apps into your marketing and advertising strategy. Mobile advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising media, according to Business Insider, and for good reason. Not only are more people and professionals using mobile applications in greater numbers than ever before, but these applications also allow you to break the mold of traditional advertising and open windowsto two-way, dynamic exchanges between companies and customers.

Simply put, a well-designed and effective mobile app gives you more insight into your customers: their wants, preferences, behavior, and feedback. They give you more control over your ad network and how you manage your inventory and campaigns. Comprehensive user interfaces allow you to keep better and more accurate track of who is buying, interacting, engaging, and talking about your ads and your brand. Bidding prices, click-through rates, and leads are controlled and monitored, and mobile ads can be designed with extremely specific audiences and demographics in mind, saving you the inefficiency of reaching out to a broad but uninterested market.

When choosing a mobile advertising platform, there are a few things to consider. It’s not just about what your audience sees, but how they experience it. User experience is extremely important if you want to have people return to your app, find it valuable, and recommend it to others. For that reason—and so many more—it’s vital that you trust the design, development, and deployment of your new initiative to only the most accomplished, dedicated, and professional mobile app development company.

Whether you’re programming apps made for B2C or B2B, Android or Apple, Kindle or BlackBerry, you need to find the most attentive organization out there; anything less can mean poor design, clunky interfaces, and missed opportunities. If your company is in current discussions to develop a mobile app, it’s important to speak with the professionals. For example, is a fully integrated mobile app developer that can not only take your project from the creative stages to delivery and testing, but can also help your company every step of the way on both the business and technical side. Check out this recent article that discusses their debut at the Mobile World Congress convention to see what an upper echelon developer brings to the table.

Making your company and brand visible via mobile advertising, and having a well-designed mobile app on the market is a job tailor-made for mobile application development companies. Having experts on your side—analysts, designers, and project managers who know the features that should be a part of your app inside and out—means customization is easier, and it means you can count on top-level performance for all interfaces. Having experts tapped into real-time app usage data, and those who can modify your apps at a moment’s notice should it malfunction, helps you keep your company up and running and never miss out on new customers.

There’s no better time to dive in to this exciting and growing element of advertising; in fact, the longer you wait to begin the process, the more technology changes and the more you will be left behind. Just remember that to break the mold properly, you’ve got to know the rules — and no one knows the rules of apps better than a dedicated mobile application design company.

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