The Future of Farming Vs Now

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 9:07am by Alexandra Ashton


It is mentioned in the that the world population in 2300 would be so high that it would pose a problem on the production rate of farmers around the world to generate sustainable food supply for the entire humanity. That is why, according to an article from The Guardian, that the robotic farmers should be the future of agriculture, and that life in the future would consist of managing competition with the robotic empire. This just makes you wish you were a bit kinder to your blender and vacuum cleaner you threw away, right? The article “Farming With Robots 2050” from the has managed to showcase some of the ways that robots can help humanity, and one of them is to secure that less wastage on water is guaranteed in food production.

This infographic is about the future of farming vs today’s farming methods, which is a compilation of articles found in the “Human and Robot Team Up for High-tech Fruit Harvest” essay in; “World Agricultural Equipment Market, Agricultural Machinery Demand to Rise 6.7% Annually Through 2016”; the “Food, Energy and the Future of Farming” article and the piece “Opportunity Agriculture: The Next Decade”

This infographic can tell you a lot about how robots may rule farming in the future, and how robots will look like when they’re farming and replacing farmers in the fields. Imagine Robots using real cows to replace farmers and you will see the future of farming. The farming of the future should definitely also run on drones, since it is everyone’s knowledge that drones can travel without a human being to areas that are hard to secure and operate. Measure vegetation with robotics is also an appealing look. Learn more about it from this infographic. This infographic contains all the information about Robotics in the farming industry that you may need.


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