The Five Best Muscle Building Supplements

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Though the overwhelming majority of the results that you enjoy as a bodybuilder are going to come because of the work that you put into your daily diet and every single workout you grind away at, the truth of the matter is you’ll want to get your hands on a couple of quality mass building supplements if you’re going to take things to the next level.

Just don’t ever forget that supplements are exactly what they are described as dashing supplement to an already established and proven diet workout program.

We’ve included what we feel to be five of the very best muscle mass building supplements on the planet today below, the real “cornerstones” of any serious lifters supplement stack. Sure, there are others that you’re probably going to want to consider adding to your everyday intake later down the line, but these are going to give you more than enough “juice” to get you started.

The gold standard – Whey protein powder/shakes


Of all the muscle mass building supplements on the planet today, none of them are more popular or seen to be as fundamental to success as a quality whey protein powder or shake supplement.

One of the “cleanest” forms of protein that anyone could put into their body, the right way protein is going to give you an immediate influx of easily digestible (and easily transferable) protein sources that will begin to restore and repair your muscle – packing on pounds and pounds of mass in a hurry – unlike almost any other source on the planet.

On top of that, whey protein intake is easy to measure, easy to control, and easy to track, which makes it a real dream supplement for those that are cataloguing everything that goes into their body.

The Robin to Whey’s Batman – Creatine

The next key piece to the puzzle to unlocking serious mass through supplementation is the other half of the “yin-yang equation” when whey protein, creatine.

Essentially three amino acids combined together (arginine, glycine, and methionine), it’s been proven time and time again through anecdotal and scientific research that individuals that begin using a creatine supplement are able to pack on 10 pounds (and sometimes even more than that) of lean body mass in record time thanks to this supplement.

When used as a key component in a pre-workout or post workout shake (or in both if you’re really looking to go hard), a quality creatine monohydrate supplement is really going to help you get the most out of each and every workout.

Casein protein – The “other” protein powder

Regarded by many as a powerful mass building supplement, but ranking just below way protein as far as milk proteins are concerned, casein just isn’t as easily or as quickly digestible as whey protein – which is why it is stuck as the sidekick.

Fantastic for helping those that want to pack on lean mass without gaining too much fat in the process because of its ability to help individuals feel less full (allowing for the consumption of more “fit meals” than would have been possible otherwise), this should definitely be added into your supplement routine if you’re ready to go from geek to freak in record time.

Getting jacked with testosterone boosters

If you are running low on endogenous testosterone, something not all that uncommon for males over the age of 30 – and sometimes many even younger than that – you’re going to want to “top up” with a proper testosterone booster.

There are so many different options to pick and choose from today that you won’t have any difficulty getting your hands on a legitimate solution that will naturally increase your body’s production of testosterone (sometimes almost instantly), though you’ll need to regularly and routinely supplement with a testosterone booster if you’re going to see any significant results over time.

As reported on low testosterone side effects are: loss of sexual desire, strength, muscle mass, insomnia and lack of energy. If these side effects are evident, then you may find using a testosterone booster will help treat these above negative effects.

The importance of foundational BCAAs

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the most important amino acids in the body for building muscle mass, repairing damaged muscle tissue, and helping you become just as big and strong as you possibly can be – all while shortening the rest and recovery time necessary for your body to rebuild from your last workout.

Of all the BCAAs, leucine is regarded as the most important thanks to its ability to stimulate increased protein synthesis all on its own. It’s critical that you get your hands on a BCAA supplement that includes high-quality sources of these amino acids, or that you look for supplements on this list above that include proper BCAA additions.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, there are a bunch of different things you can do (or use) to improve the impact that your clean diet and heavy lifting routines have on your body. The supplements above are some of the most important and fundamental components to a proper body transformation, and elements that you’re going to want to work into your day to day life just as quickly (but responsibly) as you can.

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