The Evolution Of The IT Professional

Posted on Nov 28 2014 - 8:05am by Alexandra Ashton

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Technology has evolved in a significant rate from the very beginnings of its development. In the last decade it has rarely been a year that some new product hasn’t appeared on the market. Technology never ceases to amaze us, through the invention of laptops, cell phones, smartphones, tablets and of course the technology that connects us all, the Internet. With the development of technologies, work requirements had also evolved. Ten or fifteen years ago most companies did not have a computer, but today this situation has significantly changed. Not only does the companies have computers, but also all the workers. This definitely enables more efficient and faster operations. But this comes with the responsibility. IT professionals need to find a way to evolve accordingly with the technology in order to not be left behind.

Not only that the current workers will have to adapt or face the unemployment but companies will also have to find new ones. There have been 104,348 jobs created since 2010, which shows the demand for new kind of workers. These days IT professional need to have a different skills than before. Even though technical understanding is the most important part of these jobs, they also need to develop soft skills. It doesn’t matter how good you are know if you are not willing to learn new skills and constantly refresh current ones. Learning is lifelong process, and you can’t afford to forget that fact. Take some time in your busy day and look up the recent developments that can help you to be better in your job, not only in your field but the ones that apply to the business in general. Read this interesting infographic to find out why IT professionals should evolve and what they can expect in the future of this business.

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