The Evolution Of The Electric Supercar (Infographic)

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 4:15pm by Alexandra Ashton

Of the five billion cars that currently drive around the world, only about three million are electric. Okay, the proportion is still small, but the recent growth of the green automobile market was quite fast during the last years. So we guess that is enough to anticipate the new trend that will transport the masses in the future! That is why today we want to show you some of the major milestones reached in the electric vehicle industry: from the oldie Milburn Electric Sedan, created in 1918, to the super-fast and sporty Varley evR-450, released in 2012. These are some of the cars that made the history of the industry, even in a time when conventional cars were quite rare. That’s the proof that pioneers have existed since the beginning of times.

Today, the competition among automakers ends up generating market solutions to overcome a lot of the difficulties that producers had to endure in the beginning. The truth is that we could have been enjoying the advantages of electric cars much longer ago, but something didn’t let that happen. While there are several culprits, the greatest suspicion falls on the North-American oil industry, according to several experts, studies and even documentaries. Anyway, currently we are on the right path, with more and more people going green every day.

Among other brands, Tesla Motors is certainly one of the automakers that are going to keep surprising us in the future. After ten years in the market, the company has always been accused by its rivals and even by the press of proposing an insoluble equation and promising impossible standards. But the truth is that they kept every promise and they will probably keep doing that. Inspired by Tesla’s success, a lot of brands are turning their focus into the electric market, so we are most definitely going to keep watching history being made in front of our eyes.



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