The Creative Designer: Who Is It And How You Define The One?

Posted on Jun 25 2012 - 12:00am by Editorial Staff

Creative or Creativity not for all but those who have know how much it is valuable but the question that makes round here is what exactly the definition of Creative (or Creativity) – is it something related to design or something more than that. Does imagination having any role in it? Or Does it is an out of box thinking? Confused – I think so yes you are.

Okay. Well starting going through the things one by one.

  1. Imagination – Check. Yes it is required a more than any other thing as this is something that puts up the mind above the bar and understand and makes you believe that what you really wants. Imagination can be anything – yes it is anything – but striking the perfect that what you are seeking is, what you wants to have it on our file chart. This is the first part for being the Creative Designer story or the first ingredient of Creativity.
  2. Out of box thinking – It does not means that you have to be out of focus but yes you have to really make it think beyond the regular boundaries – the regular way the people think – to-define yourself as not the regular but a mere more than this. This is the second ingredient of Creativity.

These are the basics I discussed so far – but do you think still these “only” two will make you the creative designer – isn’t we are still missing something – well lets again start thinking on that but wait remember here only “thinking with creativity” is allowed. Okay now let’s again concentrate and think what’s next – we do have imagination with us as well as out of box thinking. But these two things not make proper sense unless you now put up the imagination and your thinking at the right platform you are going to put in it – only than it make sense – a real “creative” sense.

Now, combining all the ingredients of The Creative Designer together, what we get is:

[Imagination + Out of Box Thinking] + [Right Platform] = The Creative Designer

Well, this is what we all talk about definitions, discussions, what makes and what not the perfect Creative Designer. Now better have a look some examples of people who had put up such things in real and carrying the crown of The Creative Designer. Below are the few websites listed to make you better believed what The Creative Designer is:


Studio BrainChild


Prakash Soni 

Kendra Schaefer

Lend Your Leg

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