The Cost Of Making A Real Dalek

Posted on Mar 10 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

If you like science fiction then you have surely watched Doctor Who TV show. This amazing show is over 50 years old and it still attracts numerous watchers. Isn’t it amazing how this TV series can have such an amazing storyline even after all this time? Old and young fans eagerly wait for new episodes while watching the old ones with joy. Story about Doctor can never get old. If you don’t know what Doctor Who is that you definitely need to correct that mistake in your TV education. In this series we are following the exciting adventures of Time Lord called Doctor and his companions. In each episode they are saving planets or even worlds from danger. Doctor will quickly pull you into his world which is why you will watch every second of the show on the edge of your seat.

If you know who the Doctor is, then you have surely met his oldest enemies, Daleks. They are quite dangerous even though they look like a pepper shaker, especially when they are screaming “Exterminate” with that creepy robot voice. But the truth is that they are excellent role models. They are always losing but they will never give up. That is what really means being committed to a life goal. Have you ever wanted to own your own Dalek? Stupid question, you wouldn’t be a true Doctor Who fan if you haven’t thought about making real Dalek. How much do you think that would cost? Even though Daleks telescopic manipulator arm looks like a plunger it still costs £2,792.37. Quite pricy for a plunger, right? You can’t even guess how much you would need to pay for a nuclear power plant. Luckily, you can start with luminosity dischargers that cost only £145. Check out this great infographic to find out the true cost behind making the real Dalek.

Doctor Who

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