The Casino’s In Las Vegas – Escape The Online Casino’s!

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On your way to the most well-known place of land based casinos? Reading this about the biggest casinos in Las Vegas could do you some good!

Why is it that Online Casinos Can Never Replace the Feeling of Land Based Casino’s?

There are many online casino’s trying to recreate the feeling of traditional land-based gambling. And many of them even offer to play at a live dealers table – but this is only satisfying the visual stimulation. Other casino’s take the opposite approach and trying to create something that is not possible to experience in the real world – such as intricate functions and whatnot.

One main factor for the rise of online casino’s however, is the use of the incentive of welcome bonuses. The ease of finding casino bonuses in lists online is more convenient than ever.  For example, is a website that hows you how convenient it can be to just sit at home and find whatever casino suits you the most.

Another factor could be the authenticating process of online casino’s. Getting the right documents sent in to an online casino and getting approved for withdrawals can be a deal breaker for some people that just wan’t to play for fun in a hassle free way.

On to where the real magic happens – Las Vegas!

Which Ones are the Best Casinos in Las Vegas?

If you’re going to Las Vegas, you would want to check out a bunch of different casinos. Everything else would be a disaster! For some people, the name of the casino plays a lesser role, while other people plan their trip to the different casino’s like crazy.

But how to plan without prior knowledge? Please, continue reading and I’ll explain it!

MGM Grand

MGM Grand is one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas with its 5044 rooms. The hotel opened its doors in 1993 and is placed on the southern site of the airport. While in MGM Grand, you will find around over 2 500 slot machines, 140 different live tables with everything from poker, black jack, roulette and a lot more. They also have a whole section dedicated to sports betting. Here, you could find pretty much any sport you could think of. Besides the rooms, MGM grand also offers 29 grand villas with all inclusive. These are, of course, only to premium picked VIP-guests.

The Venetian

The Venetian is said to be the biggest hotel in the world, if you include The Palazzo. This hotel was founded 1999 and just 6 months later opened the doors to Palazzos. Together they have over 7000 rooms. The theme is Italian and they have even built a mini-Venedidg inside. You can even take a short trip with a boat.

The Casino is huge, and here you will find 39 poker tables and hundreds of different slot machines. For people who like the traditional feel of slot machines, this is a lot different from the new online slots on the market. If you feel like staying the night at the Venetian, be prepared to open your wallet wide as one single night could be at least $500 a night.

Wynn och Encore

Do you love glitter and glamour? Welcome to Wynn and Encore. These are the most luxurious hotel in Las Vegas with AAA 5 Diamond-status. They have also collected more 5-stars ratings from Forbes than any other casino-resort in the world.

Regarding the casino itself, you can pretty much guess what they have. A lot of poker, video poker, slot machines, table games and everything else invented.

If you somehow want a break from gambling, you could always take a stroll on their own golf court. One round will cost you about $500.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay might not be a Hotel/Casino you’ve heard of before, but with its asian theme – it was bound to make the list. The hotel also opened in 1999 and offers a total of 3309 rooms. The buildings have a nice shade of gold. And except for being really huge, they even have a shark tank with more than 2000 animals. Mandalay Bay is a great hotel for any family with kids and for someone who wants a bit more peace and quiet, as it is a bit “off” in it’s location.


Bellagio is a Luxury resort placed as central it could be at the Las Vegas Strip. It was build on the same spot the famous casino Dunes once was, and opened in 1998. It is one of the more famous hotel casinos in Las Vegas and has been featured in a lot of movies over the years. It is famous for it’s huge pool area as well as it’s music-composed fountain.

Bellagio is perfect for any poker player as Bellagio has the poker tables with the highest stakes in all of Las Vegas.

Some final advices before going:

– I wouldn’t skip on visiting for even more information
– There is a super-strict age limit at 21 on all games and alcohol.

– All of the casinos are opened 24/7.

– All drinks are free when you gamble – but 1 dollar in tip is standard and even expected. So if you want something to drink, just sit down at any slot machine and place the minimum about of bet and you’ll get a drink for a dollar. Be careful though to not get too drunk while gambling as you might wake up with an empty wallet.

– Don’t forget to tip the dealers as well.

– ALL gambling is done with the casino’s own chips.

– You can buy chips at every table, but only withdrawn at the cashier.

– Don’t worry about a dress code.

– You cannot take any photos or film inside of the casinos.

– Smoking is allowed, but is pretty unnoticeable thanks to the good ventilation and big areas.

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