The Amazing Kreskin Predicts ‘Dramatic New Turn’ For Facebook IPO

Posted on Jun 1 2012 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

The social giant huge IPO sees a lot of down since from the time the company turns public, with last closed at $29.60, up 1.41 points (5.00%). Legendary mentalist The Amazing Kreskin has shared his predictions and intuitions on the future of Facebook post IPO. Kreskin tweeted:

Having been asked my thoughts regarding the Facbook debacle, I plan shortly to make public my predictions and intuitions on it’s future.

For Facebook, post IPO, Kreskin reckons that there is “a cloud hanging over the Facebook scene”. He calls it “The symbolic curse of Face book.” So what about the future for Facebook? Kreskin says:

“I do not see Facebook’s future being in the same condition, state, or with the same image or persona that it possesses today. If it survives, I predict a dramatic new turn which may not have the same face or recognition as we know it now.

One or perhaps two other figures will partner in the organization, whose presence is not seen or known at this time.”

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