The 5 Minute Office Work Out

Posted on Mar 18 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

Our lifestyles have changed a lot during time.  How much time in your day do you spend sitting down? For most people this number is frighteningly high, especially if you work a desk job in office.  However, this kind of lifestyle is not easy to change. It’s not like you could say to your boss that you simply can’t sit for 8 hours straight. You would probably get fired, and he would find someone who could. But the truth is that this sedentary way of life is not good for your health. Not only do you spend most of your day siting down in the office but at your home.

When you come home tired from work, you just want to sit down and rest, sometimes you don’t even have enough strength to make lunch while if you wish to relax at fast pace, then why not visit Sedentary lifestyle is risking your health with each passing day. This has to change. Did you really want to jeopardize your health without having to try anything to change the situation? No, you do not have to quit your job; you just have to find a way to incorporate exercise into your schedule.

Regular exercise can do wonders for you and extremely reduce the risk of health problem. There is no need to worry, your workout routine doesn’t need to be very time consuming. Not only you could do it in a short time, but you could do it during working hours. If you are ashamed that your colleagues could see you, you can close the door and secretly do the exercises. A better idea would be to invite them to join you, and improve the health of the whole office. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to shorten the boring phone call with a few leg lifts? In this infographic learn everything about exercises you can do in your office in only five minutes.





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