The 5 Best Social Media Platforms That Can Help Your Local Business

Posted on Oct 18 2013 - 11:51am by Mark Kastleman

Social Media

Online business media promotions are extremely important in order to increase the visibility of your brand or business. In recent time, people tend to avoid yellow pages and try to search online to find products and services. For this reason, it is necessary to have an active presence on social media sites.

The top 5 social media sites that you should utilize for promoting your business are as follows –


Facebook is the largest and the most successful social networking site available in the market.  It helps us to keep in touch with friends and colleagues all across the world..  Updates on Facebook are generally small and personal, but after a recent update, people have started making longer posts. Facebook pages can be used to communicate with customers and create long-term relationships.  It also provides tools to analyze and track efforts for getting responses from our followers. Some companies tend to spend a lot of money in order to get likes for their company on Facebook.

Google Plus

It is the second largest social networking site after Facebook. It is extremely useful for connecting people based on their interest and topics and even outside any peer or family relationships. Businesses can sort out people in their target industry and try to make them avid followers and influencers.  Your customers can be anyone; from total strangers to friends or colleagues.  Since there is no API available for Google Plus, you cannot use software to auto-post. This means all interactions done on the site are bound to be real.  It also helps in search results, so it is worthwhile spending some serious time on this social media site.


Twitter allows people to interact with brands, celebrities and topics. Many celebrities open their twitter account to share their thoughts and views. With Twitter, you use automated twitter programs to easily follow, re-tweet and get attention from others. Since self promotions are allowed on this network, you can send tweets about your company to increase awareness of your brand.


LinkedIn helps in maintaining online resumes and provides previous work history, skills and talent you have accumulated over the years. It also shows the recommendations of the people with whom you have worked before. Thus, it is necessary for you to maintain up to date business records on LinkedIn.  People tend to use Linked in as a customer relationship management tool which helps you generate leads for your business.


Pinterest uses ‘Pin’ images which are used as a virtual corkboard and are broken up into categories.  Pins can be clickable, sending people directly to your website. Pinterest can be utilized as a form of ‘online store’ as you are able to include prices on your images. As a result, it is found that Pinterest users tend to buy more services and products compared to other social sites.

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