The 10 Best Places To Pee (Infographic)

Posted on Dec 23 2013 - 10:38am by Alexandra Ashton

Whilst we generally assume the toilet to be a fairly modern invention, it has actually been around for thousands of years. King Minos of Crete had the first flushing water closet recorded in history and that was over 2800 years ago. Since then various civilizations such as the Chinese and the Romans have used outdoor plumbing, but it wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that indoor plumbing became popular and accepted as part of life’s essential functions in every home.

With the average person spending 3 years of their lives on the toilet it seems like a long time to be spent in dull surroundings, so put together a handy infographic on the 10 best places to pee. All ten of them are free to use, although some are more difficult to reach then others. For example the toilet on Alaska’s Mount McKinley, situated in the Denali National Park is only reachable by ski plane 3 months of the year. Whilst this does assure you of total privacy there are other places that are a lot more accessible and easier to use.

For those who prefer a more luxurious facility, it would be hard to beat the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, Missouri where the restrooms that have awed visitors. The ladies’ powder room is complete with fresh orchids at every granite and onyx pedestal sink, and 80,000 violets every month help to freshen the air. The wainscoting and ceiling is reproduced from the 1890’s Empire Period and there are fixtures of black Italian marble and gold. The gentlemen’s room is no less impressive, with black lion head sinks, a marble fireplace and a mahogany billiard table. Together with a show to rival the pure excitement of Las Vegas or New York, it is easy to see how this has found a place on the top ten list.


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