Ten Tips to Consider when Moving Home

Posted on Aug 30 2019 - 9:47am by Editorial Staff

If you’re moving home, as much as you’re looking forward to your new abode, you’re probably dreading the actual moving process. It’s one of the biggest household jobs you can ever do, and for some people, it can be very stressful. According to psychologists Holmes and Rahe, a change in residence can be a contributing factor to life stress that can impact your health. Thankfully, with the internet, people are in a position where they can learn from each other’s experiences and tone down the stressful feelings of confusion and worry.

Here are some tips that can hopefully contribute to easing any home-moving anxieties, as well as reminding you of things you may have forgotten in this busy time.

Order boxes

Before the move don’t be afraid to order a lot of boxes – it’s a very common occurrence to underestimate just how much stuff you have, and it would be awful to have to leave something behind or have it get broken in transit just because you don’t have the right amount of boxes! Some box sellers even offer to buy back the boxes you don’t use.

Consider your moving options

Assess your overall moving budget. If you’re looking to be conservative with your spending, consider asking a group of friends to help you pack and then rent a truck yourself. If you’re concerned about asking for such a big favour, consider giving them gifts in return or doing what Nathan Fielder did and hype up the move as an opportunity for them to get some exercise (moving furniture and packing boxes burns a load of calories).

Change your locks immediately

You don’t know who has been given a key to your house in the past. You’re hopefully not going to be targeted by burglars, but for your peace of mind, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Install a security system

Install a new home security system or speak to home security professionals. ADT tops the list for being the best home security system that you could install in your new home. This will ensure maximum security as you get settled, which will take one less stress away from you.

Clean the carpets

You also don’t know who has been walking on your carpets, and they are a notorious collector of dirt, sometimes to the extent that they can cause allergies. It’s well worth paying for professional carpet cleaners. Alternatively, you can try your hand at steam cleaning, and rent a steam cleaner for the day.

Check for pests

Your new house may have been lived in right up to the date of transfer, or it’s owners may have found a new place to live many years ago. In both cases, you should check all the cabinets and clean them all out. You should also check areas like basements and attics for signs of bats, rats or insects. If you find any pests, you should contact pest control as soon as possible.

Find your circuit breaker and crack its mysteries

In an ideal world, your circuit breaker should be clearly labelled with the names of all the rooms and relevant electric appliances to which its fuses relate. However, things often aren’t that easy. You should consider testing the fuses with a friend or partner, as it’s much easier and a whole lot faster if one person is in charge of turning off the fuses and the other is in charge of finding the rooms that they control and telling you if the breaker works.

Find the main water valve

You should locate the main water valve as you will need it if you have a storm/tornado, a plumbing catastrophe, or want to turn it off if you are spending some time away from the house. If you’re having difficulty, remember that main water valves can be inside or outside the house. When you find it, you should test it works by turning it off and then testing the faucets in your house.

Utilize your utilities

It’s dangerous to assume your utilities will be operational when you arrive, as they often aren’t. Before the move date, you should consider contacting the electric, gas, water, and even internet and cable providers and making sure you have everything you need ready when you arrive. This’ll help you avoid the unnecessary stress of not being able to cook, wash, or relax properly on the first day.

Consider an energy audit

An energy audit is when you hire a professional to assess your home’s energy performance. This may seem like an additional thing to worry about, but a good assessment will isolate the areas in your house that may be costing you money over time (e.g., A lack of attic insulation; air leaks in crawl spaces; poorly fitted windows).

Hopefully your move will be smooth and will go by quickly as you’ll be incredibly busy. At the end of it, you’ll just want to relax and enjoy your property. The feeling of relief will be intoxicating, but don’t let it distract you from remembering the small administrative tasks on this list! It’ll be well worth it in the long run.

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