Tech Is Both The Disease And The Cure

Posted on Mar 30 2017 - 3:12pm by Editorial Staff

Recent interviews with security experts believe that the next major terror attack won’t be a bomb or a man wielding a gun. Instead, it’s likely that the next attack on the western world could be cyber. Imagine the damage crashing the stock market network would cause. Or perhaps, simply a DNS attack on key websites. A widespread DNS attack actually hit the net last year, taking out a number of key websites. Many businesses were left unable to perform on the market due to losing their space on the web index.

Technology has definitely brought to life a number of dangers that previously never existed. But, as well as being the disease tech could be the cure too and here’s why.

On The Cloud

One of the biggest threats to security is data theft. Once you have someone’s personal data you can target them in new, dangerous ways. For instance, you might find that you have enough information to bleed their accounts dry. Or perhaps access key information to steal from a company that they might own. Luckily, the cloud is more secure than your typical hard drive. As such, it is possible to keep information safe and out of the hands of criminals.

Data Visualisation

There are now whole teams put together to understand and dissect data. Using this data, it might be possible to recognise patterns and understand when a new terrorist attack might take place or even where. It is also possible to pinpoint the vulnerabilities of a location and places that might be targeted. This is based on the study geospatial intelligence. You can find more about this in the infographic below.

Credit to University of Southern California Online

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