Taking A Leap Further, Advertising Your Business On Facebook

Posted on Mar 23 2013 - 12:37pm by Editorial Staff

With more than a billion users, Facebook is a great place to advertise about your blog/ website. Facebook has made the task of advertising very simple for its users while allowing them to have a stringent control over their budgets. There probably hasn’t been a better time to advertise on Facebook, but is that all takes to make your advertising campaign successful?

After a prospective client clicks your Facebook advert and lands on your page, it is the first 15 seconds in which he decides to stay or hit the back button, probably never to return again. Creating a great first impression in that short span of time is paramount to the success of your campaign. Follow these 3 basic rules to get most out of your advertising campaign.


1. Make your landing page attractive

A page with a few links, few shares, and empty fields to fill-in is not a Facebook page at all. Facebook is where people go to connect with people. People like to be amused, connect with their friends and interact about their likes and dislikes.  Plain, boring pages take the fun of out of Facebook. Add some colour and character to your page and instantly you will get more ’likes’.  If you are looking to take people away from Facebook to your blog/ website, the page needs to be even more attractive.

2. Make a fascinating offer

The internet is filled with raffles and give-away suggestions to promote your brand on Facebook. Asking for a ‘like’ to be a part of the raffle is a good start, but is that all you want to give away through your site? Support your raffle with some good information about what you have on offer. Create something more compelling than a raffle and something that is unique to generate more interest from your customers.

3. Measurable goals from the Page

Once you have generated some interest in the first 15 seconds, get your clients to like your page and share it with their friends and family. This way you reach more people than your campaign targeted. But remember, there is more to the Page than just getting ‘Like’s.  You are also looking for a better way to connect with your prospective customers, something like an email address. Request for email addresses to keep your customers updated about your product/ service. Here, you will also have to convince them that you will not spam their inbox.

Having a link to your ‘Privacy Policy’ is a good way to develop faith from your customers. Once you get a hold of their contact information, provide unique and high quality information to them to keep them interested.

All in all, a good landing page is the key to a successful Facebook campaign. Do not stay focussed on how many ‘Likes’ you get but focus on how many connections is the campaign making. The first 15 seconds of your page can create relationships that can last decades so, offer the best you have and reap benefits of having such a huge customer pool with Facebook.

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