Syrian Mobile Operators Censoring Politically Sensitive Terms ‘Revolution’ Or ‘Demonstration’ From Text Messages

Posted on Feb 15 2012 - 2:30pm by Editorial Staff

“Censorship” – sometimes through one mode and sometimes to other – this time Syrian government has ordered to block on text messages when they contain politically sensitive terms such as “revolution” or “demonstration”.

According to Bloomberg, since the Syrian regime has still not in the position to completely stifle the flow of information, the text messages are the next big thing in the block list and this time by the Syrian government.

Syria on account of various public demonstrations and a bloody crackdown has claimed so far 6,000 lives in the last year –with the new systems adopted by the government – all the messages containing politically sensitive words will be blocked – “Branch 225”, unit of the Syrian intelligence apparatus most of the time issues instructions pointing which messages to block.

The equipment provided by an Ireland based company name Cellusys will provides a firewall and anti-spam measures for SMS – the system was adopted first in 2008, but it is only after 4 years, it has come to light.

Cellusys told Bloomberg, “Its workers have not been to Syria since 2009, and that the company is unaware of how the system is being used by the regime.” There is also news that Dublin based AdaptiveMobile Security is reported to have provided mobile operator MTN Syria with a filtering system as well.

There are a lot of things that strikes that how much of these companies be held protective and are they really putting up the systems in right hands with the knowledge that such system caught in wrong hands too.

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