SwaggSec Hacks The Networks Of Warner Bros. And China Telecom

Posted on Jun 4 2012 - 6:42am by Editorial Staff

The hacker group name as SwaggSec, claimed to hack the networks of Warner Bros. And China Telecom, said to be obtaining more than 900 admin usernames and passwords during a hack on China Telecom. SwaggSec announced the hack through its Twitter account and published a statement on Pastebin, along with the links to the files posted to Pirate Bay.

“China Telecom’s SQL server had an extremely low processing capacity, and with us being impatient, after about a month straight of downloading, we stopped,” the Pastebin post said. “However, a few times we accidentally DDoS’d their SQL server. I guess they thought nothing of it, until we left them a little message signed by SwaggSec.”


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