Supplements Vs Food – A Visual Guide (Infographic)

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 12:21pm by Alexandra Ashton

Supplements vs. Food: which one is the best? Well, definitely both of them combined with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Normally the consumption of supplements is encouraged by the idea that it’s necessary to compensate for an inadequate diet, to increase the daily intake of some kind of vitamin or mineral imposed by physical training or by the desire to change your body in a certain way.

This idea is mainly correct, but before start taking any kind of supplement you need to talk with a nutrition expert. Like you already know, nutritional deficiencies must be tested to be identified and properly corrected. Supplements can and should be used on certain occasions, when there is a difficulty ingesting enough calories to replace what an athlete spends during training or competition, for instance. Or when there is a need for recovery after stress situations combined with lack of appetite. But people who use these substances must always be accompanied by a health professional. Why, do you ask? Lots of people never even think that supplements might harm them because they’re made of vitamins and other harmless nutrients, right? Wrong! Ingesting a certain nutrient in excess might prevent your body from absorbing other components, damaging your health.

A pill that contains the same amount of vitamin B5 than 250 avocados is a serious and powerful thing and it’s not to be ingested like if it was a joke. And the same argument is valid for all the other supplements, like the ones you can discover in our latest infographic, which provides a visual demonstration of nutritional supplements and their food equivalents. You can learn a lot by checking it and get to know which powerful supplements match with the vitamins and minerals you need. Just remember: talk with your doctor before start taking any supplements and protect your health.

Supplements Vs Food – A Visual Guide (Infographic)

Supplements Vs Food – A Visual Guide (Infographic); Credit: Supplement Centre

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