How The Super Rich Travel – Luxury Transport For Your Bucket List

Posted on Aug 15 2016 - 7:03pm by Editorial Staff

The super-rich know how to kick back in style. Millions pass hands for private jets, luxury yachts, 5-star hotels and private villas. We get to live their lives vicariously through Instagram. But suppose you want a taster of that super luxe travel lifestyle too? We may not be able to compete with the ultra high net worth celebs and their ten quota holidays a year. But if you want a few once in a lifetime opportunities, here’s a list of must-have modes of transport to guarantee you’ll be travelling like the super-rich in no time.

When in LA: Travel In A Phantom

From their Tom Ford suits to their Hermes bags, what celebrity is going to hail a cab when they can have a Phantom Rolls Royce waiting? The Phantom exudes modern luxury. From Kim Kardashian to David Beckham, this timeless motor car is the celebrity choice when getting around town. Cutting-edge technology, extreme proportions and seamless power make it the go-to car of the super rich. With bespoke options, a sleek interior and chic leather details, this is an iconic mode of transport. Want to get in with the A-List crowd? A Phantom will set you back at least $400,000. But you could hire one out for a weekend of high-octane frivolous fun and make like the super rich for just a few days.

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When In New York: Travel By Helicopter

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Helicopters were made for the rich. They offer super speedy travel from landmark to landmark and studio interview to television appearance. Getting a chopper is second nature to the super rich, and if a hotel doesn’t have a Helipad it’s not worth booking. Versace, Hermes and Mercedes-Benz all have their own brands of helicopter. These can set you back anywhere between $1.5 million to $6.8 million. If money is no object, it makes sense to ditch the highway and take to the air when travelling around the city. Why not get a taste of the luxury life and take a helicopter tour in NYC to see how the A-List travel in style? You’ll get up close and personal with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Wave goodbye to traffic jams and say hello to blue skies, fluffy clouds and an exhilarating aerial view of the city.

When In Monaco: Travel By Super Yacht

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The epitome of opulence and extravagance, no A-Lister or high net worth individual is without the use of a super yacht over the summer months. Some celebrities borrow their yachts from other super rich friends. Others lay down the billion dollar price tags to fully own their vessel. Multi-billionaire Roman Abramovich owns one of the biggest private yachts in the world, coming in at a staggering 163.5 metres. Dolce & Gabbana own the 51 metre Regina d’Italia and Roberto Cavalli owns the 41 metre Baglietto. From decadent swimming pools to luxury bedrooms, super yachts offer everything on board that you would have at home. On top of that, they provide privacy, exclusivity, professional crew, sun decks and the opportunity to dive into the deep blue whenever it takes your fancy. Want a taste of this lavish lifestyle? Head over to the south of France this summer and hire your own luxury yacht for a week. It may set you back way over the half a million dollar mark. But once you’re sipping Champagne in your glamorous surrounds, you’ll soon forget your bank manager’s persistent calls.

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