Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Sort Your Central Heating System Out

Posted on May 16 2016 - 6:59pm by Editorial Staff

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Is your central heating system in need of a re-vamp? Whether you simply need to have some new radiators installed, are in need of an updated boiler, or want to completely re-plumb your home, it’s best to choose days that are warm and sunny in order to get the work done. Rather than sitting around freezing waiting for your central heating job to be completed, making sure that you get all or most of the work finished off whilst the weather is nice can help to keep any unnecessary discomfort – and frozen toes – to a minimum. Here are just some of the main reasons why the summer months are the best time to get your central heating system sorted out.

You’ll Stay Warm

It might be the most obvious reason, but it’s true – choosing the summer to carry out work on your central heating means that you’re not going to notice a drastic change in temperature when the system is turned off in order to get the work done. If you are having a very large central heating job done, for example switching all of your radiators to new ones – see Warm Rooms Radiators for some great products and deals – it’s highly likely that you’ll need to have your central heating system switched off overnight for at least one night. During the summer, you probably won’t notice – but during the winter, this could make for a night of shivering and trying to get warm.

No Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes pose a serious risk for anyone looking to have work done on their central heating in the summer. Although insulation helps to reduce the likelihood of pipes freezing over, extremely cold weather can still sometimes get to them and cause them to become ice cold, increasing the chances of your home experiencing a burst pipe or leak which can lead to serious damage depending on the location. Having work done on your plumbing or central heating during the winter can contribute to frozen pipes, especially if the insulation needs to be taken away in order to complete the job, or no hot water runs through the pipes for days. Once the heating system is switched back on, the rush of warm or hot water through freezing cold pipes can cause them to be damaged or even crack.

Being Prepared

Getting anything which needs to be repaired within your heating system taken care of before the colder winter months hit means that you’re fully prepared. When the winter months do come back around, a heating system which has been updated and worked on recently is much less likely to fail than one which has not. This can greatly reduce the likelihood of experiencing problems such as the central heating not working, not having any hot water or even pipes bursting in the winter. If your central heating system needs updating, getting it done before you need it the most is essential.

Choosing the summer months to update your central heating system means that you won’t have to worry about going cold, either now or in the future!

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