Sugar Buster Foods You Can Enjoy

Posted on Sep 20 2013 - 11:04am by Linda Rosario

Fruits and Vegetables

The beauty of diet plans has attracted millions of people all around the world who wish to lose weight or maintain a healthy way of living. Unlike people who go on a passive diet, diet plans aim to cater to people with certain conditions. For people who are high in sugar, the Sugar Buster diet is the perfect way to get rid of unwanted sugars in the body. Because once your sugar intake is at high levels, it can lead to high blood sugar and diabetes.

The Sugar Buster diet allows people to cut down on their sugar intake through special meal plans. In general, sugar does contribute to many health issues that can lead to serious damages to the body. This diet can also be applied to children, who at an early age are already exposed to junk food that can be carried on once they get older. Through this revolutionary new diet, you can now benefit from a healthy lifestyle without worrying about your sugar intake. Here are the top three Sugar Buster foods you can enjoy:

Fruits and Vegetables

These are your primary source of vitamins and nutrients for your body in combating and lowering your sugar level. Fruits and vegetables are the top foods to indulge in, once you are on the Sugar Buster diet. Instead of giving in to snacks that contain too much sugar, eating fruits are the way to go. Fruit juices, on the other hand, should only be taken in moderation as this contains a little amount of sugar. Carrot is also a vegetable that should be taken in moderation as this has sugar as well.

Whole Grain

Whole grain foods flush out the toxins from your body; including sugar. As sugar contributes to constipation, whole-wheat foods can regulate your bowel movement in no time. Aside from its low sugar levels, it lowers the risk of heart diseases as well. Foods like oatmeal, brown rice, whole-wheat flour food, and wheat bread are a must-have in the Sugar Buster diet.

Sweet Potato

These potatoes may be a bit sweeter compared to the regular potato, but who knew sweet potatoes could lower down your blood sugar. According to research, sweet potato contains carotenoids, which is responsible for lowering the blood sugar and prevents the increase of insulin levels, which is known to trigger diabetes. Sweet potatoes also help in losing weight, as this potato is heavy on the stomach with only a small amount of intake. This also brings good news to diet conscious people, as these sweet potatoes are fat free.

The Sugar Buster diet is great for people who are struggling with their high sugar levels. The great thing about this diet is it looks at the portion size, rather than the number of calories and fats the food contains. As this diet spreads like wildfire all around the world, many are happy with the good result it gives as the days go by. Thanks to this revolutionary diet, you would not have to worry about your sugar intake anymore.

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