Success of ArcKit Scale Models for Architects, Hobbyists and Kids

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 7:39pm by Tim Aldiss


ArcKit is a novel modelling kit that was originally aimed at architects needing to show clients models of potential homebuilds and renovations. However the kits have proved so popular that kids and hobbyists are now buying them, in much the way they might normally build with Lego or Meccano.

Anybody needing to show clients models for renovations, home developments or new housebuilds will find these kits are a useful way to make physical models, which many people find more realistic than 3D visuals generated by computer programmes.

The ArcKit modelmaking kits are fabricated from 26 different types of plastic parts which can be clicked together to join and build into scale models at 1:48 size of real homebuilds. ArcKit was launched by architect Damien Murtagh in 2014, and his novel building kits appeal to a whole generation of kids brought up on games such as Minecraft. The kits are based on the panel built systems used in modern architecture and Murtagh has plans for future developments, including an online retail outlet.

There are four different types of ArcKit on the market at present and purchasers will find they contain different types of corner-wall joints, windows, low walls, roof panels, stairs, staircases and a number of other components. All parts click together to join and can be reused when required. It’s also possible to purchase additional parts once customers have bought their ArcKit.

ArcKits are supplied with leaflets detailing potential homebuild ideas, however the kits have been used to create models of Big Ben, spacecraft and aircraft to date; the ingenuity of the ArcKit users seems to know no bounds.

When the ArcKit originally launched it was aimed at professionals and architects needing to build accurate models of homes to scale. The kit is now stocked in a variety of toy shops, including Harrods, and won an award in the United States for its educational benefits to kids. It’s possible to utilize the blank sheets within the kits to print designs, patterns and colours for standard building materials like bricks, or to custom design all builds to meet specifications.

ArcKit is a great gift for children, introducing them to architecture and scale models in a way that can be as simple as needed, or lead onto bigger and more complex design and builds. Murtagh has been astounded by the popularity of ArcKit and the fact that so many hobbyists and kids seem to have adopted the modelmaking kits instead of more traditional means of creating scale models. The principal reason for the success of ArcKit seems to be the replication of modern building methodology used by builders when creating their models, and Murtagh will build on this with his future additions to the range.

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