Style And Shopping Tips For The Mother Of The Bride Dress

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The position held by the mother of the bride has always been exalted and quite special. However, the purveyor of this venerated duty often finds herself undertaking the bulk of the work to ensure her daughter looks as spectacular as can be the day she walks down the aisle. If she overextends herself, as is often the case, her own needs might end up not being considered.

This article is meant to address this issue specifically and make sure that the mother of the bride is not overlooked as her daughter shines on that special day. The bride will always be the main focus on her wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that her mother shouldn’t look stunning too.

The shopping tips highlighted below are thus meant to show you how exactly the mother of the bride can pull this off without necessarily stealing all the thunder from her daughter.

Arrange a lunch date with your daughter

Meeting with your daughter before buying your own dress will have dual benefits: Getting some time alone with her while she’s still single, and getting her genuine opinion on how she would like you to be dressed on her wedding day. Talk to her to get a sense of how she envisions her wedding day for both of you. Approach her special day as if it were a big production, with you playing one of the leading roles. Communication will enable you to find out from your daughter, the director, how exactly she wants you to dress for your part.

Always maintain focus on all the wedding details

While she doesn’t necessarily have to precisely be matching with every other member of the bridal party, the wife-to-be’s mother will be well advised to wear styles and colors that will at least not clash with everyone else’s on the big stage during her daughter’s wedding. Try and be as complementary as you can with your choice of attire for that day. Every little detail matters and even accentuating with colors that are similar to the candles or flowers can be very palatable and will be greatly appreciated.

Have your own unique fashion sense

Develop and adhere to a style you can call your own. In the same way your daughter picks a gown that showcases how she views herself as a woman, you too should choose a dress which best defines you. People have traditionally made the assumption that the bride’s mum should be clad in frumpy and outdated clothes to avoid upstaging her daughter but this is no longer the case today. You should definitely always go with a dress that highlights all your fine points, as long as it fits you well in a modest and appropriate manner.

Never pick the first dress to catch your eye

While focusing so much on the bride’s needs, the mothers inevitably end up spending so much time, that they put off getting their own dress to the last minute. This causes them to make a hurried decision often jumping at the first thing that tickles their fancy which usually means settling for less. They forget that while the lights will primarily be shining on their daughter during her wedding, the way that they themselves look on that day should also be reflective of the bride. So, at least make an effort try on more than one dress. You never know what treasures you might discover. You can also take help of Dress First for best wedding dresses.

Get a comprehensive makeover

If pampering yourself is something you rarely do, your daughter’s wedding offers you a perfect opportunity to go all out and get a professional makeover that will cater to all your beauty needs. After all, if you are going to look immaculate in your dress and accessories, your hair and makeup shouldn’t let you down. Plus, you deserve it considering all the work you have put in to make the big day a success.

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