Study: People Who Love Reading On Web Simply Love Reading

Posted on Apr 5 2012 - 9:41am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pratibha is a technology enthusiast interested in analysing and reporting about different technologies.

One-fifth of U.S. grown persons have study an e-book in the last year and that e-reader vendor not simply favor to procure rather than borrow books, but they also read more books. Report released – via CNET – at present by the Pew Research Center “Those who have taken the plunge into reading e-books stand out in almost every way from other kinds of readers,” the report’s authors write. “Foremost, they are relatively avid readers of books in all formats: 88 percent of those who read e-books in the past 12 months also read printed books.”

The research center found that e-book booklover goes through an average of 24 books a year, whereas persons who don’t have the digital gadgets read an average of 15 book a year.”Still, those who read e-books are not abandoning printed books,” the authors write. “Overall, in the past year, 72 percent of adults read a print book, compared to the 21 percent who read an e-book, and 11 percent who listened to an audiobook.”

People use e-books when they desire rapid access in buying a book and trouble-free portability even as they are wandering , users at rest favor print when sharing books by their friends or reading to children according to report.”E-book readers and tablet computers are finding their place in the rhythms of readers’ lives,” one of the report’s authors Kathryn Zickuhr said in a statement. “But printed books still serve as the physical currency when people want to share the stories they love.”

“Every institution connected to the creation of knowledge and storytelling is experiencing a revolution in the way information is packaged and disseminated,” another author of the report Lee Rainie said in a statement. “It’s now clear that readers are embracing a new format for books and a significant number are reading more because books can be plucked out of the air.”

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