Study: Game Consoles Consumed Nearly 70 Percent Of Energy In 2010

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 6:35am by Editorial Staff

Real but still not to be believe at first, a new study group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University estimates that roughly 68 percent of all energy consumed by game consoles in 2010 wasted some 10.8 TWh of energy or roughly $1.24 billion in utility costs. The total electricity consumption of video game consoles in the US was around 11 TWh in 2007 and 16 TWh in 2010 (approximately 1 % of US residential electricity consumption), an increase of almost 50 % in 3 years. Although any estimate of total game console energy consumption is highly uncertain. True or not it would be worthwhile atleast to read the study at some extent and analyse on one owned basis.

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